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10 Easy One Line Art Drawings

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For many centuries, there have been drawing rules, all professional artists have gone through the drawing school. Everyone needs to learn to master the secrets of realistic depiction.

This drawing course helps to master the features of the image of the shape and proportions of objects, their texture, the transfer of volume using light and shadow, and linear perspective.

To learn to draw, it is not enough just to read a book, you must carefully perform special exercises and long drawings, strive to achieve success.

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One line drawing face One line art easy Contour drawing one line drawing Line drawing art

Of course, you will learn the art of drawing gradually, step by step, mastering the secrets of mastery in theoretical and practical classes in the process of classroom and homework.

Drawings from the book showing the sequence of images can be repeated, but remember that the training should be based on drawing from nature.

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Observing the surrounding reality, sketching, and sketching from nature, learn the basics of a realistic image. Use this knowledge and skills in the process of drawing from memory and imagination, in creative compositions.

To complete the pattern, as a rule, no complicated fixtures are required. Everyone had to draw with pencils, felt-tip pens, or fountain pens on paper, but it is not easy to achieve mastery in accurately conveying movement, character, texture.

One line drawing flower One line art woman Continuous line one line drawing One line face Minimal one line art

Knowing your art materials and techniques will help you best translate your creative ideas into a small sketch or finished drawing. The more subtly you learn to understand the features of drawing techniques, master them, the more fully you will feel the features of their artistic expressiveness.

Educational practice has shown that in a general education school, graphite and colored pencils, felt-tip pens, watercolors, ink, colored crayons, as well as charcoal, sanguine, and pastel are most commonly used to complete drawing assignments.

A graphite pencil is equally convenient for both educational and creative work. It has a pleasant gray tone and some shine can be easily corrected, erased with an elastic band. With this pencil, you can create drawings of a linear, line-line, and tonal-painterly plan. Of all the drawing materials, a lead pencil is a simplest and most affordable tool. Graphite in combination with other artistic materials has tremendous opportunities for every artist.

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