Terms of Use


1.1 To use the website www.doitbeforeme.com (“DOITBEFOREME“) and benefit from the services available on the site free of charge, please read these Terms of Use carefully.

1.2. By visiting the doitbeforeme.com site, you acknowledge that you have read hereby this terms of use (“Terms of Use“), that you understand all of the conditions, that you accept, declare and undertake all the issues stated under the Terms of Use, and that you will not raise any objections or defenses arising from your use of the free services provided to visitors and users of the doitbeforeme.com site.

1.3. DOITBEFOREME may change any information and content available on its website, including the terms of hereby this Terms of Use, at any time without giving any notice to its visitors and/or users.


Site”: The website where DOITBEFOREME services are offered under the domain name www.doitbeforeme.com.

User”: means any real or legal person who has created his/her personal membership by using the sign up panel on the Site.

Visitor”: means a natural or legal person who has accessed the Site, regardless of the reason for using the Site.

Service“: Service entails any kind of services and applications offered by DOITBEFOREME to the User and/or Visitor on the Site in accordance with the scope of this agreement.

Content”: All kinds of information, text, files, images, videos, figures, visual, textual and auditory images, etc. published and accessible on the Site.


3.1. DOITBEFOREME services ensure access to the content uploaded to the Site by Users and/or Visitors through the Site.

3.2. DOITBEFOREME reserves the right to add new services to the services it provides within the Site at any time, to change the scope and conditions of provision of existing services and the Content offered within the Site at any time, to deny access to some third parties or even to delete it if deemed appropriate.

3.3. Although DOITBEFOREME is a simple website that does not have heavy traffic and cannot be described as a Gatekeeper under any possible means, and only publishes its own designs, the services DOITBEFOREME offers on the Site are compliant with the European Union regulations, including but not limited to the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act.

3.4. DOITBEFOREME shows utmost sensitivity to complying with the rules of international law, legislation, and all national regulations for visitors of the United States of America, Canada, and European Union Member States, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Qatar.


4.1. Users and/or Visitors will use the Site and carry out all their transactions in accordance with all local legal rules applicable in their location, especially the European Union legislation and the United States national law rules.

4.2. Users and/or Visitors will be responsible for any legal and criminal liability for any transactions and actions they carry out within the Site, and DOITBEFOREME has no responsibility regarding such legal and criminal liabilities.

4.3. Site works on the basis of displaying the Content designed and uploaded by DOITBEFOREME and its User and/or Visitor. DOITBEFOREME diligently employs every possible control and check with academic articles provided and available information online from trustworthy content providers to ensure the utmost reliability and factual basis of the content provided to User and Visitor.

4.4. DOITBEFOREME does not guarantee the accuracy, authenticity, security and legality of the contents viewed by User and/or Visitor under any circumstances. User and/or Visitor accept and declare that DOITBEFOREME has no liability due to the Content available on Site, and that DOITBEFOREME will not have any compensation liability for any damages that may arise.

4.5. “User” and/or “Visitor” shall not reproduce, copy, distribute or process any images, texts, visual and audio images, video clips, files, databases, catalogs and lists found within the “Site”, and shall not cause any harm by performing such actions. will not engage in any commercial activity; It accepts and undertakes that it will not engage in behavior or transactions that directly and/or indirectly constitute unfair competition.


5.1. The information accessed within the Site or provided by the User in accordance with the law, along with all elements (including, but not limited to, DOITBEFOREME’s database and interface, design, text, images, HTML code, and other codes) of this Site, collectively referred to as the copyrighted works of DOITBEFOREME.

5.2. User and/or Visitor do not have the right to resell, process, copy, share, distribute or exhibit DOITBEFOREME services, information and copyrighted works.

5.3. You cannot reproduce, process, distribute or create derivative works of DOITBEFOREME’s copyrighted works for commercial purposes, except as expressly permitted by DOITBEFOREME within these Site.

5.4. Unless expressly authorized by DOITBEFOREME within the Site, DOITBEFOREME reserves all rights regarding its services, information, copyrighted works or other assets and information provided through the Site.


All disputes arising out of or relating to this Terms of Use shall be finally resolved by arbitration under the Istanbul Arbitration Centre (ISTAC) Arbitration Rules. The language of the arbitration shall be English. The place of arbitration shall be Istanbul, Turkey. The substance of the dispute shall be governed by Turkish law. The number of arbitrators be applied as provided under the ISTAC Rules. The parties may, if necessary, request interim measures pursuant to the ISTAC Emergency Arbitrator Rules.


These Terms of Use come into force on the date they are published on the Site by DOITBEFOREME. User and/or Visitor accept the Terms of Use and the changes made over time by using the Site.