AI Disclaimer

Artificial Intelligence Disclaimer (“AI Disclaimer”):

We, as the (“DOITBEFOREME”) team, believe in full transparency regarding our products and services, including but not limited to our fundamental purpose and how we prepare our products and services for all our users and visitors since the first day of our business.

In this regard, to provide the most convenient and beneficial visitor/user-oriented experience through our posts listed under DOITBEFOREME, we may employ recent technological developments, including artificial intelligence (“AI”), to enhance our existing products and services and/or create novel products and services solely using AI creation tools.

Consequently, we create a broad selection of artworks from printable coloring pages to drawing sketches, from wallpaper backgrounds to interior designs available on DOITBEFOREME under the necessary licenses according to our copyright notice. Please note that AI and the legislation covering the usage of AI are rapidly evolving, meaning that DOITBEFOREME’s use of AI may change over time. We will update hereby this AI Disclaimer regularly accordingly.

Thus, we have prepared this AI Disclaimer to be transparent with all users/visitors, to provide a summary of how AI is used, and to inform all users/visitors that our posts created since the beginning of 2023 are either enhanced or solely created by AI.

We DO use AI to:

  • Generate visual content from scratch and improve the quality of visuals already existing on DOITBEFOREME,
  • Improve the speed of product and service delivery,
  • Create unique scenarios and brainstorm to deliver users/visitors more diverse and intriguing products and services.

We DO NOT use AI:

  • To produce content intended to be scientific information,
  • As an academic resource or any source of information that we are unable to verify,
  • To imitate, modify, or alter any existing goods or services in violation of national or international applicable laws,
  • To mislead and/or deceive the will of users/visitors by creating the perception that something exists that does not exist.

If you have any queries on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us!