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Best Female Art Reference Poses for Realistic and Empowering Depictions in 2023

In the dimly lit studio, bathed in the warm embrace of a flickering candle, a talented soul, born of imagination and skill, wielded a piece of charcoal with an artist’s grace.

Imagine the story behind the female art references! Imagine her name was whispered through the ages in hushed reverence among drawing enthusiasts. She was the progeny of genius, the offspring of two titans who had shaped art and literature for generations. Her legacy was not explicitly named, but her essence was woven into the fabric of creativity itself.

Her mother, a master of words, had penned timeless tales that danced through the minds of readers like a Shakespearean sonnet. The intricacies of human emotion and the depths of the human psyche were her playground. The delicate balance of tragedy and comedy, love and despair, flowed from her pen onto the pages of history. This artistic lineage bestowed upon her a profound understanding of the human form, a profound insight that transcended mere aesthetics.

Her father, a painter of kaleidoscopic visions, had fragmented reality with every stroke of his brush. His canvases bore witness to the cubist revolution, a visual symphony of perspectives that challenged the very essence of perception. Her inheritance from him was a sense of fluidity, the ability to capture the essence of movement and transformation on paper.

In her studio, she combined these two gifts, weaving tales of emotion through the prism of her father’s revolutionary vision. Her drawings were not static poses but living, breathing narratives. Each line, each shadow, told a story of love, loss, hope, and despair. She pushed the boundaries of art, blurring the lines between literature and visual expression.

Drawing enthusiasts flocked to her, seeking to learn from the embodiment of artistic lineage. They marveled at her ability to translate the complexities of human existence onto paper. Her work was a testament to the enduring power of creativity, a testament to the legacy of two unspoken giants who had shaped her very being.

female art reference poses standing

female art reference poses

female face art reference poses

Black Female Art Reference Poses

Black Woman Art Reference Poses

plus size woman art reference dancing

plus size woman art reference

woman art reference

dancing female art reference poses

female art face figures reference poses

female art reference pose

female art reference poses drawing

Black Female Art Reference Pose

female art reference poses shy

female art reference poses sitting




  1. For something that claims to ’empower the depiction of women’, all of these reference poses are of *scarily* thin women. Even when drawn with muscle tone, their figures are perfectly hourglass and no muscle is added to their shoulders, neck, arms, legs…
    All of their poses are alluring or femme fatale. No dynamic physical combat, or realistic day-to-day poses. Every pose is on an angle, where are the eye-level and forward facing bolder references? Its all just *ooohhh, look at the hot skinny model* poses.
    Its cool if you want to collect/draw references for traditional femme fatales, but don’t claim that it’s empowering for all ‘modern 2023 women’. All of these sketches lack any variation, and have the proportions of a barbie doll from the 1960s.

    • I mean outside of what you said they are also all anatomically incorrect. These images are terrible to use as references because of said errors.

  2. ….So you talk about using art pose references and why they’re important, yet the majority of the ‘art’ on this article is inadequate. I’ve been an art instructor who uses bodies to teach real referencing techniques for over a decade and this ‘article’ is nothing short of appalling.

  3. We hope this message finds you well. First and foremost, we want to express our sincerest apologies for any hurt, frustration, or disappointment caused by our post. We deeply regret that our content has appeared to target only thin women and promote unrealistic beauty standards, disregarding the diverse and authentic beauty that exists within our community.

    We understand and acknowledge that our actions may have perpetuated harmful stereotypes and failed to represent the wide spectrum of body shapes and sizes. This was never our intention, and we recognize the importance of being inclusive and respectful of all body types, embracing imperfections, and promoting a positive body image.

    As a team, we have learned from this situation and are committed to taking concrete steps to rectify our mistakes. Moving forward, we will actively strive to showcase a more diverse and realistic range of figures in our content. We will ensure that every individual, regardless of their body size or shape, feels seen, valued, and celebrated within our community.

    We are deeply grateful for your feedback and for holding us accountable. Your voices are essential in guiding us toward becoming a more compassionate and responsible platform. Please know that your concerns are being heard, and we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels empowered and represented.

    In this regard, we have taken immediate action and added a wide range of female reference poses that reflect different body shapes and sizes. Our goal is to embrace and celebrate the beauty of all individuals within our community, regardless of their appearance.

    We are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment, and your valuable input has helped us take a step in the right direction. We are grateful for your engagement and hope these changes demonstrate our dedication to becoming a more responsible platform.

    Thank you for your understanding and for giving us the opportunity to learn and grow. Together, we can create a community that uplifts, supports, and celebrates the uniqueness of every individual.


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