10 Cute Anime Guys – Easy Anime Drawing Ideas for Beginners in 2019

10 Cute Anime Guys - Easy Anime Drawing Ideas for Beginners in 2019.
10 Cute Anime Guys - Easy Anime Drawing Ideas for Beginners in 2019.

Cute Anime Guys

The most beautiful guys from anime

Today, anime-style animated films are very popular. As well as a simple film, his characters are evaluated not only for positive and negative qualities, but also for their appearance. These heroes are millions, each with its own unique and unique story. Their hard fate makes them fight for their truth and life, and millions of girls and boys watch their achievements and achievements, sympathize with their losses, and strive for their idols.

What anime male heroes were considered the most beautiful and sexy?

Genjo Sanzo (Genjo Sanzo)

Stunning Gendzho Sanzo conquers his appearance at first sight. This is the hero of the Sayuki manga, consisting of 4 parts. The story of the campaign of the monk of Buddhism Sanzo and three Ekaev to the West to defeat the dangerous villain Gu-Mao. His good qualities are a deception, he is not at all what it initially seems.

Surprisingly, always sad face did not prevent Sanzo from getting into the list of the hottest anime guys.

Fujimiya Ran (Ran Fujimiya)

Fujimiya Run – a fossil-faced guy, is one of the main characters of Weiss Kreuz. In the story, he and three other guys are hired killers, punishing terrible criminals. But Ran pursues a completely different goal. He needs to avenge his dead parents and save his sister lying in a coma. The culprit of the entire politician Takatori, who conducted fraud in the bank, where his father worked Fudzimiya, and decided to remove unnecessary witnesses.

Since Ran is a very tough and attentive warrior, he achieved his goals, but remained to work as a hired killer.

Ikuto Tsukiomi (Ikuto Tsukiyomi)

17-year-old Ikuto Tsukomi is in school. He is very tall – 179 cm and his body is in great shape. Ikuto has a unique opportunity to change the character – it turns into a trot. His ears grow like a cat, and his hand becomes similar to a paw with metal claws.

At the sight of Ikuto, the heart beats faster. He is very thoughtful, caring and selfless. His face is cute and really sexy.

Toya Kinomoto (Touya Kinomoto)

Toya Kinomoto – one of the main characters of the manga “Sakura”. Toya is Sakura’s older brother, and often makes fun of her.

As befits any handsome boy, Toya is an athlete. He plays the piano perfectly. He studies in high school and often changes jobs. The guy is wildly popular among girls, but does not have a serious relationship.

Before giving away his magical powers, he knew how to feel magic in others and speak with dead people.

Fuwa Sho (Fuwa Sho)

Fuwa Sho (Shotaru) – 16-year-old singer from the romantic comedy “Do not give up.” Fuwa is a very self-confident character, and therefore behaves very arrogantly. Despite the fact that the guy himself writes the music and lyrics of his songs, sometimes he is lazy to work. He himself, unaware of it, loves the girl Kyoko, who worked three jobs for the sake of his good, but whom he offended in his own words and attitude as a servant. But when he saw that the girl was beautiful and another man paid attention to her, he began to be jealous.

His favorite activity is to eat and watch a funny show. Two people got mixed up in him: a bad guy and a good one, which makes him a beautiful and desirable person.

Atobe Keigo (Keigo Atobe)

Atobe Keigo is handsome in his strength. He is the king of tennis and heads the Hetei school tennis club, without giving up his place to other participants, of which there are more than 200.

He is also the president of the school council, engaged in fencing and ballroom dancing. All his skills and beauty make him an influential person in school. Despite the selfish nature of character, Atobe is sexy and beautiful, and therefore conquers women’s hearts.


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