20 Best Anime Character Designs – Easy Drawing Ideas for Beginners 2019

Anime Character Designs
Anime Character Designs

Anime Character Designs

When we see a character, the first thing we notice is his appearance. And let many creators do not attach great importance to it, others use it to better reveal the character and promote the plot. About what constitutes a good character design in his video assorted Super Eyepatch Wolf. I offer you his translation in the form of articles and videos.

If I show you these three girls and ask you to choose the one that is a fascinating model on the subject of the series, which one would you choose?

Easy Anime Drawing Ideas for Beginners 2019

Some of you will choose Amy, the one with the blue hair. And it will be true. But I’m sure most would choose another. All because the design of Amy outwardly does not give us any meaningful information in order to determine what kind of character. She has no outstanding features, according to which you would separate her from the rest of the boring extras. And it’s sad because she’s a great character on a great show. And a clear design could make it more memorable.

This is also unusual, because in the same great series “ToraDora”, the main character Taiga has a very significant design. He is immediately noticed and quickly recognized. Thanks to him, Taiga has a bunch of related products and even a hidden cameo in the Dengeki Bunko fighting game: Fighting Climax.

And our question is: why does Taiga’s design work, but Amy’s design doesn’t? What is the difference in the appearance of these two characters? Or if you expand the question, what makes character design good?

If you think seriously, then character design is a very strange thing to create. How does the character is a set of abstract characteristics, beliefs and motivation. All this is brought together in a single form, which our brain transforms into a physical envelope. And this shell is the character design.

The question of which character design is good and which is not, is not very interesting in itself. Nevertheless, it is probably the most obscure and subjective in the media. And the kind of design we will be tied to more strongly is connected with the kind of person we will be tied to. And the answer to this question will vary from one person to another.

Undoubtedly, not only anime needs characters whose design is designed with certain attractive qualities. You need something for a very small but definite audience – one that wants to purchase a blu-ray or any other product in order to see its hero more often.


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