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15 Creative Drawing Ideas for Beginners 2020

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You fly in a balloon under a rainbow arch somewhere above the emerald meadows of Norway. And you understand that when you wake up, all this will not happen to you anymore – no ball, no rainbow, no Norwegian meadow-valleys. How to save all this? Yes, you guessed it right.

“According to how you see things, what feelings are hidden behind your work, you are changing. Drawing helps not only transfer and copy objects. With it, you can enhance what you see and give the object an emotional component. Drawing from this will only get better! Feel free to paint as you feel. The picture should show how you feel about the object! Compromise in art means death. The brighter the emotions in the drawing, the more interesting it is.”

Creative Drawing Ideas for Beginners

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This thought from the book “Album of your ideas” seems to have greatly influenced my style of drawing. In my relation to the drawing. Before, I wanted to copy everything very accurately when I copied it from photographs or pictures I liked. But the accuracy in the drawing is not the most important thing, there is a camera for this. Copies are not interesting. But when the figure shows the relation to the object, emotions are visible – a completely different matter. And what the camera is not good for – they cannot capture an idea, or a dream, or a memory. And you can draw all this.

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Below I will talk about this book in more detail, but for now, what has happened to me over the past couple of weeks.

Remember the insanely colorful dawn from the last issue? I still have diluted paints, and they turned into a feather.

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When I just started drawing, two days before the summer, I was seriously interested in the question – where do the illustrators get their images from? I now know the answer to this question. Firstly, an image is invented for a task. The book “Profession Illustrator” perfectly shows how to do this using the Morphological Matrix tool. Secondly, the image throws your unconscious when you do not expect this at all. I have it most often at the time of falling asleep. One night, the city’s story was born against a background of bright clouds:

Watercolor pen – a wonderful miracle. Very cool things you can do to her. You can mix colors, vary the color saturation, write out very subtle elements. The charm. When I was drawing this drawing, I thought that I would have to try to make her postcards. She’s perfect for this. Sometimes priceless things cost nothing at all.

Something is all bright, colorful, I’ll draw a reality, I thought somehow. For a long time I selected colors, mixed colors: white, ultramarine, bright blue, sepia and neutral black. And painted the sky. The real summer sky of Perm 2020. It seems?

Sketching, evolution in 50 days. On the left is what happened when I was just starting to draw. The first book about Visual Notes, remember? It turned out frankly, kalyaks 🙂 On the right – the second attempt in about 50 days. Accuracy, shadows, composition – I like much more.

In winter, I did not endure until Artbook was translated, leafed through it in English. And a few weeks ago, he finally came out in Russian. And I studied it far and wide. That same night, I had a dream, as if I were going to Moscow shops in search of the “ideal notebook” for the role of an artbook. Going through all the notebooks in Moscow is no joke to you. It is necessary that the cover also suits and that the sheets of the correct color and density are, and that there are no springs. So be it, albeit without a pocket at the end, I’ll attach it myself. But the search did not succeed. But in Perm, I bought myself this:

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Clarice Bruckman
This is Clarice Bruckman`s website, and this is a bit of a copy about her. She is a passionate drawer. My purpose is to produce and gather as many drawings as possible.


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