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20 Drawing Hand Step By Easy – How To Draw Hand

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How To Draw Hand

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If you do not take into account a person’s face, then most of all a person’s emotions convey the position of his hands.

Hands and fingers are very flexible, and perfectly reflect the emotional state of a person. In this tutorial, we will draw a human hand

anime how to draw hands

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basic how to draw a hand

beginner hand drawing tutorial


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If you are learning how to draw a person, a portrait, or a figure correctly, you need to know how to draw a hand, correctly and naturally, and this requires some knowledge and a little practice.

To learn how to draw hands, first of all, you need to learn proportions and be able to apply your anatomical knowledge in practice.


drawing hand step by pencil

easy beginner hand drawing hand drawing reference This is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. By memorizing just a few simple rules, you will increase your drawing skills several times, and your hand drawings will miraculously acquire believability and naturalness.

An interesting fact – the hand is a bit like a shoulder blade, which consists of two parts of the metacarpus and fingers.hand drawing tutorial hand drawing hand poses how to draw a hand This ratio must be observed. Drawing a hand can start from a schematic designation of its shape, and with a line show a line dividing the brush into two equal parts.

The length of the entire brush can be very different. There are people with short and long fingers and, accordingly, a square or elongated brush.hand sketch holding hands drawing how to draw hands cartoon The length of the entire brush can be very different. There are people with short and long fingers and, accordingly, a square or elongated brush.

Movable and flexible fingers are made up of joints. The bones of the metacarpus are the largest and longest to which the joints of the fingers are attached. Each subsequent phalanx is smaller and thinner than the previous to draw hands holding how to draw hands step by step anime pencil hold hand drawing The brushes of our hands are arranged according to the principle of the golden ratio, which is why women’s hands so attract the views of the surrounding men.

The proportions of the phalanges are in the ratio of 2/3 of the length of the previous phalanxrealistic pencil hand drawing sketch hand drawings easy sketch how to draw a hand

All fingers, except for the thumb, have four joints: three phalanges and one joint in the metacarpus. The thumb is set aside, slightly turned about the rest of the fingers, and consists of three joints. Its length usually reaches the middle of the first phalanx of the index finger.

The length of the little finger almost reaches the end of the last phalanx of the ring finger. This is shown in the illustration above.

step how to draw realistic handsstep easy how to draw a hand

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