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8 Cutest Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs

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Small butterfly tattoos are widely popular today due to the combination of aesthetic images and deep meaning. A small butterfly tattoo has its variations in all tattoo styles and is loved by both women and men.

Butterfly Tattoo – Meaning and Symbols

The butterfly has a special life cycle, unlike other insects. The transformation from an unsightly caterpillar into a beautiful fluttering butterfly got its symbolic meaning. For most cultures and religions, this growth cycle means the formation of the human soul. The hope of flying, the inspiration, the elevation above the ground, which the butterflies represent, made them a popular plot of the tattoo.

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According to another version, also associated with the human soul, butterflies symbolize the eternal transformation, the cyclical nature of life. In the Christian tradition, the butterfly is a symbol of resurrection and rebirth. Furthermore, the ancient Greeks portrayed the psyche (soul) as a person with butterfly wings.

small butterfly tattoo

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back small shoulder butterfly tattoo

butterfly tattoo on woman's chest

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In many traditions, there is a belief that butterflies are the souls of departed people. Most often, such a mystical meaning is attributed to the butterfly “deadhead”. According to another version, the butterfly is a symbol of carelessness, lightness, eternal summer and youth.

Small Butterfly Tattoo – Traditional Oldschool Tattoo

A small butterfly tattoo in the style of the old school is suitable for both men and women. This is a classic universal drawing that you can adapt to your wishes. For example, depict a landscape or a portrait on a butterfly’s wings.

Realistic Butterfly Pattern

The most accurate color reproduction of the butterfly helps create the illusion that a living butterfly is sitting on your body.

Most often, a butterfly tattoo can be found among girls. As a rule, preference is given to small bright sketches. Recently, blackwork style is gaining great popularity. The most popular places for butterfly tattoos are forearms, back, and chest.

mini tattoos butterfly tattoo behind ear

small butterfly ear tattoo

small butterfly tattoo behind ear

small butterfly tattoo under breast

And finally here is my personal favourite small tattoo, I know it is not a butterfly but cute.

small tattoo on wrist
small tattoo on wrist

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