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Explore Safari Adventure with Realistic Lion Coloring Pages 2024!

Coloring realistic lion coloring pages may prove to be quite different from ordinary coloring, such as coloring cute or cartoon pages. As a matter of fact, this enjoyable and creative process can quickly become extremely annoying even with simple mistakes. Hence, prior to start coloring, it will be extremely useful to plan your coloring in detail, determine the steps, and follow these steps closely.

Come on! Let’s start determining these steps together without wasting any time. First and foremost, we, as the Do It Before Me team, think it is important to understand how we designed the following printable realistic lion coloring pages. Thus, we will start by clarifying this: first of all, we tried to understand the anatomy of lions and the features that distinguish lions from other predators.

In this regard, the first thing we did when designing our realistic coloring pages was to collect a sufficient number of lion reference images. We made sure that these references were high quality images of the lions taken from as many different angles as possible. For a satisfyingly realistic lion coloring, attention to the lion’s anatomy, fur texture, facial features, and body proportion is crucial. This consideration significantly enhances the enjoyment of coloring.

Subsequently, while designing the lions in the realistic pages, we started by lightly drawing the basic shapes of the lions’ outlines as simply as possible and made the images realistic by finely detailing the details of the lion’s head, body, legs, and tail. One of the most important aspects for realistic lion coloring pages is that the lion has correct body proportions. Since we cannot use a lion as a model 😊 for obvious reasons, it is important to examine as many visuals as possible to ensure that the body parts are the correct size relative to each other and to complete the coloring in the most accurate way. Lucky for you, as the Do It Before Me team, we paid utmost attention to all of said points we mentioned while preparing the following coloring pages.

So, what are the main points you should pay attention to when coloring these printable realistic lion coloring pages?

Reference Lion Images: When coloring realistic lion coloring pages, it is essential to have a deep understanding of how colors truly appear on lions. This is one of the main things you should pay attention to, whether you color the pages in a fantastic way with unusual colors or color the sheets exactly the same as the real lions. Since it is necessary to examine real lion visual in order to understand the vibrant colors of lions in their nature and the patterns that uniquely enable them to integrate with the wild nature.

Choosing the Right Colors: When it comes to coloring, our opinion as the Do It Before Me team is clear: There is no such thing as the right color! You are the real artist of these pages. Therefore, you, as the coloring artist, must make the final decision as to what is the right color and which is the wrong. That being the case, if you are going to color a lion that is as similar and/or appropriate to the real lion as possible, you can use yellow, brown and skin tones that you think would be suitable for lions, by considering the reference visuals.

Layering Colors: Layering colors, especially for realistic coloring, adds a realistic angle to the pages. While you can choose lighter colors as the base layer to achieve proper layering, you can choose slightly darker tones to add shading and depth to your realistic lion coloring pages. Whether you use colored pencils, markers or watercolors for layering is entirely up to you.

Lion’s Fur and Its Texture: There are numerous simple techniques you can use to color lions’ fur realistically. One of the most useful and simple of these techniques is to use short, overlapping coloring strokes to mimic realistic fur texture of lions.

Last but not least, remember that the only thing you should focus on in this coloring activity is the pleasure of coloring. Even if you encounter a problem with your coloring page, make a mistake, or your coloring does not turn out the way you intended, keep in mind the joy of coloring. While the topic of this post centers around realistic lion coloring pages, there is no need to talk about strict rules when it comes to coloring. In conclusion, never fear making mistakes, and prioritize having fun throughout the process as much as possible!

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