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30 Free Printable Cute Pug Puppy Coloring Pages for Dog Lovers 2024!

Pugs, whose coloring pages we present in various figures and concepts under this article, are a unique, affectionate and playful little dog breed, unlike any other breed, with their unique cute appearance. Pugs, easily recognized by their wrinkled facial folds, curly and tiny tails, and their distinctive inward noses, have a light brown, compact and muscular body which makes them very intriguing to color. We as Do It Before Me team, tried to reflect their fun and naughty behavior as much as possible in these coloring pages that we designed considering their friendly and social nature.

Prior to start coloring, did you know that the origin of the name “Pug” is Latin “Pugnus”, meaning a clenched fist? I think it has an extremely original and funny naming story origin. It is believed that the name “Pug” comes from the Latin word “pugnus” meaning fist, due to the dog’s face shape resembling a clenched fist (Please see. Pug from America’s Pet Registry).

On occasion, I start coloring without any preparation or prior research. Nonetheless, I predominantly engage in comprehensive research pertaining to the subject matter I intend to color which is pug dog breed in this case. In this regard, this deliberate approach allows me to distinguish specific elements to focus on during the coloring process, ascertain how I can make a meaningful difference from ordinary coloring works, and to determine the optimal means by which to generate superior artistic output.

Are you aware that cute Pugs are noble dogs that form strong bonds with their owners and are good with children? It is believed that Pug dogs have been one of the most popular dog breeds with their appearance and playful character among noble and royal families throughout history, ranging from companion dogs to the Chinese emperor to many kingdoms in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. Although the history of this dog breed is not exactly known, it is claimed that they were noble palace Pug dog breeds that often accompanied the Chinese emperor, that Pugs were cherished by Chinese emperors, and that they have a deep-rooted history dating back to ancient China.

Furthermore, pugs were favored by Queen Victoria of England (Please see. Family group with Queen Victoria and a pug, Balmoral 1887), and her love of Pugs helped popularize the breed in the United Kingdom.

Although we present pugs in the free printable coloring pages in this article below and genuinely believe that pugs are one of the cutest dog breeds and wonderful companions, it is important to be aware of the special care requirements and the potential for hereditary diseases that this breed has.

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