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Free Printable Owl Coloring Sheets for Relaxation

In today’s article, we would like to share an exclusive gallery of free printable owl coloring pages.

Before start coloring, firstly, we would like to shortly address some commonly asked questions about owls, related to background stories covering owls, how does owl appear in the lullabies, stories, and lastly who is the most recognized artist occasionally uses owls in their artwork?

Owls, whose whereabouts we often cannot understand and do not know during the day, are, as everyone knows, night birds of prey. Owls, which often play the role of wisdom in stories and tales, are great birds with analytical intelligence that guide through stories, know what to do in difficult times, and can make on-site analysis.

Artists such as

have occasionally illustrated owls and used them as the main subjects of the artworks, of course both added their personal touches of enchantment as well.

As a matter of fact, what owls and many artists have in common is that they are both night birds. After all, who can deny the beauty of the owl’s voice echoing in those deserted, lonely, and quiet nights! It is no surprise that owl’s hooting at the night, has inspired many artists such as poets and storytellers, composing owl as a mystical muse across different creative expressions.


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