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Free Printable Enchanting Mermaid Coloring Pages for Kids

Whenever the name mermaid is mentioned, most of us instinctively think of that iconic mermaid figure, whether we intend to or not.

While designing the coloring pages we provide under this article, we tried to make designs that are as different as possible from the said iconic figure, so that the mermaid image can represent a wider audience and appeal to wider tastes. For this reason, we have a comprehensive range of mermaid coloring pages in our gallery, from the printable coloring sheets for kids illustrating beautiful cartoon mermaids with big kawaii eyes to realistic-looking mermaid coloring pages for adults.

Create your brand-new artistic masterpiece with these elegant, magical, and extremely sweet mermaids with the gallery of free printable mermaid coloring pages designed for both children and adults who are passionate about mermaids.

Prior to start coloring, we always find it important to have vital information about the subject to be colored and to do small-scale research thereof. In this regard, knowledge regarding the origin story of mermaids will make this coloring experience much more enjoyable and meaningful. We have been fascinated for generations with the legendary charms of mermaids and their stories of underwater adventures, but do you know what the origin of the first mermaid is based on?

Stories about mermaids go back almost to the beginning of human history. One of the many mermaid theories is based on Mesopotamian mythology named Oannes, an amphibian male fish god who lived more than five thousand years ago and taught humanity the wisdom as per Mesopotamian mythology, according to Royal Museums Greenwich, while another origin story of mermaids’ dates back to 1000 B.C. in Syria. It is claimed that around 1000 BC, the goddess Atargatis who is the chief goddess of northern Syria, dived into the lake to take the shape of a fish, but since the gods did not allow her to give up her beauty, only her lower half managed to turn into a fish and her upper half remained in human form. Another origin theory is that it is the subject of Celtic folk tales about mermaids (For more information, please see. Mermaids and merpeople by Royal Museums Greenwich).

Our user-friendly website allows you to conveniently browse our extensive collection of mermaid coloring pages, from elegant mermaids swimming among coral reefs to adventurous mermaid explorers. Just right-click on the coloring page you like, click save as, download it to your desktop and print it out.

If you encounter any problems or cannot find the coloring page you are looking for in our content, please do not hesitate to reach us by writing in the comments section below. We, as the Do It Before Me team, will be more than happy to assist you at earliest convenience.

Coloring page featuring an intricate illustration of a beautiful mermaid surrounded by coral, sea grasses, and bubbles, with an ambiguous fish in the corner.

Illustration of a new Little Mermaid coloring page featuring a black mermaid with natural hair in a kawaii cute chibi style.

Coloring page featuring a mermaid seated on the ocean floor, inspired by scenes from 'The Little Mermaid' movie.

Printable coloring page featuring a charming depiction of a mermaid with a Barbie doll-like face, joyfully swimming against a clear white background.

Detailed coloring page featuring a captivating mermaid inspired by the new movie version of Little Mermaid, swimming amidst a backdrop of bubbles. Ideal for adult coloring with intricate design.

Coloring sheet for preschool with simple underwater scene featuring mermaid, little fishes, coral, and bubbles. Easy-to-color design with clear lines.

Cute baby princess mermaid coloring page with kawaii character having a large head, big eyes, and a proportionally small body. Background features bubbles.

baby mermaid coloring pages

Cute princess mermaid coloring page in kawaii style, featuring a charming mermaid with huge anime eyes, wearing a princess crown. The illustration is set against a clear blank white background with only some bubbles.

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