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Easy Cute Doll Coloring Pages for Girls – Free Printable

It is impossible to forget the dolls that accompany our children, especially girls, at every moment from their childhood until they grow up and become adults. Under this article, we present printable doll coloring pages we designed so that you can immortalize the dolls with your personal artistic handiwork.

Indeed, dolls have different but always important duties for our kids, from the dolls that our children feed half of their meals while having breakfast, to the dolls that serve as a source of motivation for them to recognize letters while learning to read and write.

Doll with Heart Cheeks and Bows

This adorable doll with a sweet dress, long flowing hair, big expressive eyes, decorated with bows and heart-shaped cheek markings makes her a character that children would enjoy coloring. While it’s easy to color large areas of the dress and hair, smaller details in the eyes and accessories can provide a fun challenge.

A doll with an interesting hat on her head, hearts on her cheeks, big kawaii eyes, a small body, and a cute little ribbon around her neck.

Doll with Polka Dot Dress

A cute doll with big expressive eyes, wearing a polka dot dress and cute bows in her hair, her adorable expression and the charming details of her outfit make her an attractive character for children to color. Young coloring artists can use gel pens to add sparkle to polka dots and bows.

A cute doll with combed hair, ribbon buckles on both sides, big eyes, a cute spotted dress, tiny lips, and cute cheeks.

Beautiful Elegant Princess with Floral Gown Doll Colouring Pages

Featuring an elegant princess doll wearing a stunning dress adorned with intricate floral designs, these coloring pages below are highly detailed and ideal for adults who enjoy relatively complex coloring. Not to mention the balanced stance of the doll and how noble and elegant the detailed fabric of her dress looks! In this regard, fine-tipped markers and colored pencils are ideal for these pages to color fine details and highlight intricate patterns.

A printable coloring page featuring a beautiful and elegantly dressed Barbie doll preparing to attend a magnificent dinner, adorned with roses delicately placed on certain parts of her dress. The illustration showcases intricate detailing in her hair, with fine lines and exquisite details throughout.

Barbie doll coloring page with plain and simple lines, suitable for kids to color.

Doll with Braided Hair and Flowers

This cute coloring page, in which we include a cute doll with big, expressive eyes, braided hair and flowery hair accessories that we designed for our little children to color with pleasure, becomes cute with the sweet expression of the doll and a simple and plain design. The thing to pay attention to is this: although it is easy to color large parts of the dress and hair, when coloring it is useful to pay attention to the fine details in the eyes and flowers. In this regard, crayons are suitable for the larger areas, while colored pencils or fine-tipped markers can be used for the intricate details of this coloring page.

Printable doll coloring page that can be easily and effortlessly colored by girls, thanks to its large head and face.

Cute Doll with Big Bow

This cute character is wearing a big bow on her head and a polka dot dress, designed simple and easy for toddlers and preschoolers to easily color.

A cute doll coloring page with a big buckle, a smiling expression, cute cheeks, and big shining eyes.

Nutcracker Doll Coloring Pages

A Nutcracker doll dressed in elaborate, regal attire, with his majestic crown, detailed uniform, and characteristic mustache embodies the tradition of the classic Nutcracker story. What child wouldn’t enjoy bringing this festive character to life, right?

Crayons can be used for the large areas of the Nutcracker doll’s uniform and crown, which are relatively easy to color, while colored pencils or fine-tipped markers are preferred for the fine details of the facial features. As the cherry on top, gel pens can be used to add a festive sparkle.

A nutcracker doll coloring page with a detailed design, featuring a sweet facial expression and a sympathetic, formal outfit.

Unlike the classic nutcracker we are used to, it is a doll with a female version and snow crystals around it.

Girl Doll with Twin Buns and Cat

Sweet girl with twin buns in her hair, holding a cute cat which offers a moderate level of detail, making it suitable for girls of various ages. The background is filled with hearts and small stars.

A doll with big anime-like eyes and a pet on her lap, with hearts in the background.

Cute Doll with Large Bow

She is an intriguing doll because she has a surprised expression with bunny ears, big kawaii eyes, and a cute dress. Therefore, she makes for an enjoyable printable coloring page, especially for girls.

Doll with Hat and Detailed Dress

The doll has straight body lines, wears a detailed dress, and sports a summer hat, although it is easy to color.

A coloring page for girls featuring a cute doll wearing a simple outfit, with big eyes, long hair, and an innocent expression.

The doll has long hair, her hands open to the side, a small hairpin in her hair, and a cute dress. It's a doll coloring page that is easy to color because it has a simple design.

A doll designed in a slightly gothic and eerily creepy way, she looks scary even though she has her hair parted to the side and wears a big cute barrette and a tiny dress with hearts on it.

It is a doll that mostly appeals to children because of its plain and simple design.

A doll dressed for winter with a beanie, scarf, and boots, easy to color.

A doll with big, shining eyes, that smiles and has a hopeful expression for the future.

The doll wears a beanie with cute winter pom-poms, a sweater, pantyhose, and a scarf wrapped around her neck, while there are four stars in the background.

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Doll Coloring Pages for Girls Free Printable

Doll Coloring Pages for Girls Free

Doll Coloring Pages for Girls Printable

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Easy Cute Doll Coloring Pages for Girls Free Printable

Easy Cute Doll Coloring Pages for Girls Free

Easy Doll Coloring Pages for Girls Free Printable

Easy Doll Coloring Pages for Girls Printable

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Cute Doll Coloring Page for Girls

Cute Doll Coloring Pages for Girls Free Printable

Cute Doll Coloring Pages for Girls Printable

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