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20 Cutest Baby Dragon Coloring Pages for Kids – Free Printable 2024

These baby dragons are chubby and cute little creatures, as it appears they are certainly hot potatoes in 2024! As we all agree, coloring is full of fun and timeless occupation especially for kids while learning and experiencing new journeys. No doubt these pages shall be one of those memories you will remember for a while.All baby dragons below, carefully created considering the needs, capabilities, and focus span of the little ones.

As Do It Before Me Art Team, we can guarantee one thing, and that is coloring these cutest little creatures will not be boring at all. Let’s delve into a magical world together with the cutest fire-breathing baby lizards. These exclusive pages not only allow little artists to discover colors, but further helps children to improve dexterity and reveal their artistic creativity.

A sweet, smiling baby dragon coloring sheet with big eyes adorned with hearts, both on and around it.

baby dragon smiles affectionately with his little tail and wings with horns.

Coloring page of a sweet-looking baby dragon, with tiny horns on both sides of its head, too small to fly yet. The dragon is sitting and has easy-to-color lines.

Flying Baby Dragon

A coloring page in which the baby dragon, which has just learned to fly, flies by flapping its wings in the air and determines its direction with its tail, can be easily colored by kids with its simple design, and by adults with its cute design.

A realistic-looking, big-eyed baby dragon with only one tooth left, spread its wings and ready to fly.

Sleeping Baby Dragon

Dragons, known for frightening many with their fire-breathing and the great destruction they cause, are at their cutest when they’re babies. “The” coloring pages that many dragon enthusiasts and coloring lovers will enjoy are especially cute moments of baby dragons, such as peacefully sleeping on fluffy clouds with happy facial expressions, as illustrated below.

A baby dragon lying on the clouds and sleeping peacefully with a smiling facial expression.

Chibi kawaii baby dragon sleeps peacefully on a bed of clouds in the sky coloring page for kids.

A sleeping baby dragon leaning its head against the clouds at night, with other clouds and stars next to it.

A sleeping baby dragon perched on a cloud in awe, the coloring sheet can be easily colored by children thanks to its cute and simple design.


Baby Dragon Wearing Glasses

Nerdy, hard-working, bespectacled, slightly chubby, sweet, and endearing, this baby dragon cub, with uplifted wings, is simply adorable.

Coloring page of a smiling baby dragon hatchling with huge oversized lens glasses.

Chubby Baby Dragon

A baby dragon with a chubby belly is waiting to be hugged with its wings spread wide.

Printable coloring page of a dragon baby that can't fly due to being overweight, the baby has big glowing eyes.

Realistic Baby Dragon Coloring Page

Printable coloring page featuring a realistic looking baby dragon peering through the flowers with a curious expression and big glowing eyes.

Easy printable coloring page featuring a cute baby dragon sipping a drink, designed in a charming kawaii style. Perfect for children and coloring enthusiasts who adore adorable characters.

One may find race cars completely entertaining; while one might claim doll coloring pages as pleasurable. Nonetheless, these little dragons are unlike any other coloring pages. These depictions encompass cute and magical touches in the background of the coloring sheets. Baby dragon figures with soft lines allow children to have a pleasant experience throughout the coloring.

Many coloring pages have a predetermined color assigned for coloring. However, no one can dictate the colors for baby dragon coloring pages. Since they are fantastic, magical creatures, the sky is the limit when it comes to deciding which color to use for the sheets. One may go for pink, while another might choose green. After all, who will be raising objections, right? The reference color is totally up to the kids.

Choices have always given children the freedom and the chance to express themselves. These coloring pages do have numerous parts which can be coloured in many variations, enabling kids to color their unique baby dragons as they wish while pushing the limits of their imagination.

Since these coloring pages are fictionalized on cute magical creatures, they are more likely to boost motor skills and feed artistic needs of the kids, rather than being educational coloring pages.

Nonetheless, coloring small details does allow children to strengthen their hand-eye coordination and choose colors accordingly and carefully. Furthermore, these cutest baby dragon coloring pages obviously benefit children, increasing their ability to focus and feeding their artistic creativity.

Free Printable Cute Baby Dragon Coloring Pages

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the baby dragon coloring pages is whether these coloring pages are subject to any copyright and whether they are free to print and color. Well, all the coloring pages available at are copyrighted by Do It Before Me. So, none of the materials can be used commercially without permission. However, all the followers and personal visitors of can freely download and print these artworks.

Each page encompasses detailed cute baby dragon coloring designs which may help children to develop motor skills and spend quality time with friends or family members. Allowing freedom in color choice gives children the opportunity to express their own artistic expression. Moreover, these pages help children strengthen their visual perception while increasing their ability to focus while helping to extend focus-span.

These free printable dragon coloring pages contribute positively to children’s development by allowing them to learn while having fun with coloring. Each page specifically designed for kids, allows children to stimulate their imagination and take a pleasant journey through colourful worlds.

Clarice Bruckman
Clarice Bruckman
Clarice Brookman is a partner in the Do It Before Me. Her principal area of practice includes coloring pages, drawings, and art design matters. Brookman has extensive experience advising parents on guiding children's development through various artistic activities, including coloring and drawing.


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