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Free Printable Sugar Skull Coloring Pages

Sugar skulls are introduced with the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos (i.e., Day of the Dead). Though when one may think that these skulls represent mourning the dead or feeling sorry for them, it does have no such meaning.

Instead, Sugar skulls represent a celebration of deceased loved ones. In this celebration people occasionally come together and remember their deceased loved ones and honor their memory. For such a special day, we have prepared one of the most exclusive gallery of free printable sugar skulls coloring pages, hope you will enjoy!

Prior to start coloring, it is always the best to get to know the most-known artist who is recognized to be using sugar skulls in their well-known artwork. In this very case, it is none other than José Guadalupe Posada (Please see. About José Guadalupe Posada Aguilar). His iconic “calavera” illustrations shaped today’s sugar skulls popular image. As for the well-known artwork, Posada’s “La Calavera Catrina” is widely recognized. For this very reason, we have intricately examined and analyzed Posada’s works, when we were preparing the coloring sheets in this post.

So, what does Sugar skull represent / mean?

“Life and Death” is celebrated, and the value attributed to these concepts are honored with sugar skulls throughout the Dia de los Muertos. The skulls represent remembering deceased family members, relatives, and friends with joy rather than mourning. Not just Mexica, or any other country where Mexicans live in large numbers, but also globally the sugar skulls have become a recognizable symbol.

Whenever someone see the skulls, they immediately know that it is an image from the Mexican tradition since the skulls is very capable to stimulate the appreciation for the vibrant, artistic expression tied to mortality’s positive perspective.


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