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The Little Mermaid Cute Coloring Pages – Free Printable

Cute Mermaid Coloring Pages for Girls

This charming illustration features a cute little mermaid adorned with a bow in her flowing hair. Her innocent smile and graceful pose make this coloring page perfect for girls.

A happy and beautiful mermaid smiling modestly with her mermaid tail curled to the side and her hands folded on her belly, her hair is long and fluffy.

Mermaid and Her Dolphin Friend

As the Do It Before Me team, we refrain from preparing boring coloring pages with just a figure that does not tell any story, and since we enjoy preparing interesting coloring pages where all kinds of adventures can be created that will encourage story creation and will attract the curiosity of coloring enthusiasts at the first sight, here is a cheerful little mermaid and her playful dolphin friend. While floating in a sea full of bubbles and starfish, their joyful expressions can tell the story of deep friendship and exciting discoveries in the magical ocean world.

Now, we leave it to your vision to imagine what kind of journey the little mermaid and the playful dolphin are going on, whether they are looking for hidden treasures, trying to save the underwater kingdoms from evil, or discovering new friends. 🙂

Cute little mermaid with long, wavy hair adorned with a floral hairpiece, swimming beside a happy dolphin. They are surrounded by bubbles and starfish, highlighting their joyful and playful interaction in the ocean.


The little mermaid coloring page swimming with a baby dolphin has a simple design that is easy to color. Happy little mermaid with long, wavy hair engaging with a smiling dolphin. They are surrounded by bubbles, highlighting their playful interaction in the ocean. Both characters have cheerful expressions, capturing a moment of fun and friendship under the sea.

Easy to color coloring page of the little mermaid with her little pet dolphin next to her, cute little mermaid with long, flowing hair, holding a starfish, and swimming next to a friendly dolphin. They are surrounded by bubbles, creating an enchanting underwater scene. Both characters have gentle smiles, capturing a moment of peaceful friendship in the ocean.

Beautiful Mermaid with Voluminous Curly Hair

Black women new little mermaid has voluminous, curly hair, styled in a large afro, her eyes are almond-shaped, the face is youthful, with full lips and a small nose, the upper body is human-like, with a bare midriff and a top that resembles a shell bra, covering her chest, mermaid’s lower body transitions into a fish tail at the waist, the tail ends in a large, split fin with two flukes. Small bubbles are scattered around the mermaid.

Cheerful Afro black girl mermaid with kawaii eyes and voluminous curly hair, easy coloring sheet for toddlers and preschoolers to color due to its thick outline and simple design. The mermaid wears a seashell top and has a scaly tail.

Mermaid with a voluminous curly afro hairstyle extends outward from her head in a rounded shape, her eyes are large, round and wide open, with prominent eyelashes, a small upturned nose and a cheerful expression. The mermaid's lower body transforms into a fish tail at the waist, its tail is long and slightly curved to the left and is covered in scales. Suitable for black girls coloring.

Easy Mermaid Coloring Sheet

In this coloring sheet, we designed a calm little mermaid with wavy hair and a gentle smile in a simple and easy way, especially considering our children who are just starting to color.

A cute little mermaid with long, wavy hair and a calm expression, surrounded by bubbles. She has a gentle smile and her tail is elegantly curved, creating a tranquil underwater scene.

Mermaid Princess by the Castle

Don’t you think this printable coloring page, in which we depict a little mermaid princess swimming gracefully next to an underwater castle, looks like something out of a fairy tale book? Grab your favorite coloring supply and embark on royal adventures in a magical underwater kingdom surrounded by seaweed and bubbles!

Calm little mermaid princess with long, flowing hair, floating near a grand underwater castle. She is surrounded by bubbles and seaweed, in the underwater kingdom.

A happy little mermaid princess with long, wavy hair, standing in front of a large, elegant underwater home castle. She is surrounded by bubbles and sea plants.

Sweet little mermaid with long, flowing hair standing in front of a large, elegant castle, surrounded by gentle waves and sea plants in the background. The coloring page is designed with thick outlines for easy coloring, allowing toddlers, preschoolers and little girls to use a variety of coloring materials, including crayons, colored pencils and markers.

Realistic Mermaid Coloring Pages for Adults

Especially given the complex patterns and fine details in the mermaid’s hair and scales on her tail, it would be more appropriate to color with fine-tipped markers and colored pencils to emphasize the details and patterns. In this context, it is possible to add a sparkling effect to the mermaid’s scales and her hair with gel pens and emphasize the beauty of the mermaid.

Beautifully detailed, elegantly realistic mermaid with flowing hair and intricate scales on her tail, her serene expression and the soft bubbles surrounding her create a fascinating underwater scene. The intricate patterns on the mermaid's hair and scales featured on this printable coloring page are extremely and finely detailed, making it ideal for adult coloring enthusiasts who enjoy more complex coloring challenges.

Mermaid with long flowing hair, posed thoughtfully within a circular frame, she is surrounded by bubbles, and her tail features intricate scales. The page is detailed, ideal for experienced adult coloring enthusiasts. Due to fine details, coloring with fine-tipped markers, colored pencils, or gel pens is suitable to depth to the illustration.

Mermaid with long flowing hair that cascades around her, she is adorned with a seashell top and her tail has detailed scales and a gracefully curved fin, bubbles surround her. The page is highly detailed due to intricate patterns in her hair and scales, suitable for adults.

Mother and Baby Mermaid Duo

Once upon a time, deep in the ocean, a mother mermaid and her baby explored the magical underwater world.

Mother and baby mermaid duo, both with cheerful smiles, with thick outlines and a relatively easy and simple design for children to color, while the background is surrounded by bubbles, the mother mermaid has long wavy hair and a seashell top, while her tail is decorated with sequins . The much smaller baby mermaid is also a tiny replica of her mother.










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