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Easy Cute Raccoon Coloring Pages for Kids – Free Printable

Whenever raccoons are the subject, people are instantly divided into two: those who love raccoons madly and those who can’t even stand to see them from afar! We are definitely writing this article for the first group! 🙂

Even though we deny it, there is one thing that is true; what distinguishes raccoons from many animals is that they stand out as a special, enjoyable animal due to their unique appearance and playful attitude. For this very reason, we are happy to share the easy-to-color and cute raccoon coloring pages that we have prepared for our children, in printable format, free of charge, under this article.

Why Raccoon Coloring Pages?

For those who are not satisfied with the answers we have provided above, we would like to provide further information about raccoons.

One might ask, why color such a plain animal that varies between grey, white, and black color tones? Well, it’s a valid question, but we understand that the owner of the question has not browsed our gallery yet. As you can see in our gallery, there is a wide selection from cute raccoon coloring sheets that are easy to color, to relatively more complicated but equally entertaining coloring pages featuring raccoons wearing a wide variety of costumes.

1. Cute and Recognizable Features

Raccoons are interesting animals with their unique masked faces and easily recognizable striped tails which makes an interesting subject for children’s coloring activities. Here are a few reasons why raccoon coloring pages are popular among kids:

2. Diversity of Expression:

Raccoons’ curious temperament and a variety of intriguing poses and expressions, from playful to mischievous, make them constantly depicted in cartoons, magazines, and of course, coloring pages. In this context, we include raccoon coloring pages with different expressions below:

3. Educational Value:

Coloring these pages is a great way to remind our children about important information regarding raccoons. It helps teach them that, despite their cute and playful appearance, raccoons can carry dangerous infectious diseases such as rabies and scabies. Therefore, while coloring raccoon pages, parents and instructors can use this activity as an ideal medium to remind children to be cautious around raccoons while instilling empathy and a love for animals (For more information, please see.  Raccoons by NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene).

In this respect, with the right guidance from parents and instructors, raccoon coloring pages can very well be an educational activity.

4. Age-Appropriate Designs:

Choosing coloring pages that are suitable for your child’s skill level is important for our children to get the most pleasure from that coloring activity. Otherwise, choosing a coloring page that is not suitable for our child’s age and coloring skill may cause children to have difficulty in coloring, make unwanted mistakes and become demotivated. Similarly, overly simple coloring page designs that are not age-appropriate may seem boring. That’s why choosing appropriate coloring subjects and difficulty level must always be considered cautiously.

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