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Easy Cute Rabbit Coloring Pages for Kids – Free Printable

Have you ever seen a cute rabbit hopping around in the middle of a field? Below we provide printable coloring pages of cute rabbits, which move extremely fast with joy and agility, specially designed to appeal to children with easily colorable designs thanks to their thick outlines and easily distinguishable designs with different and entertaining rabbit depictions, while adults are presented with unique and relatively complex designs that challenge the peaks of imagination in align with the kawaii concept:

Cute Bunny Coloring Pages for Kids

We believe that few coloring pages are cuter than this baby bunny sitting in flowers below. It has been carefully designed to be easy for kids to color, just waiting to be filled with colors.

Baby rabbit, with its huge and kawaii head compared to its body, sits with raised eyebrows and ears perked up curiously, smiling delicately. Nearby are easy-to-color flowers and various herbs. With its plain white background, it is easily printable and colorable.

Unicorn Bunny

If there is another creature known for its cuteness as much as rabbits, it’s undoubtedly unicorns. That’s why the unicorn bunny coloring page, blending the sweetness of both, is at the top of our list.

A cute unicorn bunny with a simple design that can be easily colored by kids thanks to its distinguishable outlines.

Zentangle Rabbit

Although zentangle patterns may seem complicated for many coloring lovers, when it comes to cute rabbits, it’s a whole different story. We are sure that you will want to give this rabbit coloring page a chance, where zentangle meets cuteness.

Bunny rabbit adorned with zentangle patterns, its entire body clearly visible from the side, with various flowers surrounding it. Due to its intricate design, it is more suited for adults to color.

Letter R for Rabbit

Cute Rabbit-themed Sheet Designed for Kids to Learn the Letter “R”.

Cute rabbit sheet designed for children to learn the letter R

Angel Rabbit

If there were an animal suitable for becoming an angel, it would undoubtedly be rabbits, with their cuteness and innocent energy. Therefore, we have included a shy and curious rabbit in our printable gallery.

Bunny is a cute baby rabbit with angel wings, trying to hide her smile with her hands folded, sporting a shy and curious expression. There are two stars right behind her, and the rabbit is sitting, her eyes shining with happiness.

Easter Bunny Basket

Given that one of the first associations with Easter is a rabbit, it’s only fitting that this gallery includes an Easter Bunny coloring page. Enjoy the adorable Easter Bunny seated in a basket, surrounded by Easter eggs, awaiting to be colored.

Cute rabbit bunny, inside a basket full of easter eggs and smiling with his teeth showing.

Rabbit Wearing Glasses

We are confident that our cute rabbit, peering curiously through its large glasses, will capture the hearts of many coloring enthusiasts at first sight.

Cute and toothy bunny with oversized glasses wearing a nerdy expression, fur showing on her chest, ears pointed up, and hair falling in front of her eyes.

Bunny with Strawberry

Do you know what else these cute bunnies love besides carrots? Let us give you a hint: nearly all of us adore it! Yes, you guessed it right—the answer is strawberries.

Chibi bunny is holding a huge strawberry in its lap. The bunny is smiling with a happy expression, and its big kawaii eyes are also smiling. There is a heart sign right next to it.

Easy Cute Bunny

We hope you will enjoy the easy-to-color cute bunny coloring sheet that we designed specifically for children. It provides plenty of space to color and features thick outlines that are easy to follow.

Simple template of a black and white outline of a bunny, designed for children.

Anime Bunny Girl

A cute bunny girl with big kawaii eyes and two bunny ears, wearing a simple dress, full body illustration to color.

Warrior Bunny

This cute bunny, ready to fight with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, is definitely more prepared to be colored than anyone else.

A chivalrous bunny wearing light armor is ready to fight, wielding a sword in one hand and a shield in the other.

Rabbit Holding a Carrot

The reason behind it remains unknown, but it is widely believed that carrots are one of the vegetables that rabbits enjoy eating the most. Since it is a root plant, it is certainly a very tasty meal for rodents such as rabbits, which are extremely capable of digging and getting their food from under the ground. For this reason, we have included in our list a coloring page featuring a cute rabbit who is ready to eat a carrot almost as big as her own height and is very happy about this situation.

Cute bunny standing on two legs, holding a carrot almost the size of itself with its other two hands, and with its teeth sticking out of its mouth. Rabbit has a smiling expression and is about to eat the carrot with appetite.

Baby Bunny with Strawberry

A bunny rabbit with big, cute eyes that is easy to color is holding a huge strawberry next to it and looking to eat it.

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