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Free Printable Cute Duck Coloring Pages for Kids 2024

In this post, we are pleased to present to you our collection of free printable cute baby duck coloring pages, featuring illustrations from kawaii ducklings following their mother to adult ducks dressed and posed in a cute and stylish way as if they are going to a fashion show.

We aspire for you to discover the adorable duck coloring pages you seek within our expansive and exclusive gallery. As Do It Before Me, our aim is to captivate a diverse audience, ranging from adult coloring enthusiasts who adore kawaii styles to young coloring enthusiasts who are taking their first step into coloring. In this regard, these free printable cute duck coloring pages have been meticulously designed, reflecting the considerable time and effort we’ve dedicated to their design.

We hope you enjoy the exceptionally cute coloring pages featuring each of these adorable ducks. These ducks feed on various plants and invertebrates, including snails, small fish, and insects. They can be easily found in natural or artificial ponds, swamps, streams, or lakes. From baby ducklings learning to swim in the lake with their mother to stylish ducklings standing in a humanoid manner on two legs, there is surely a duck that will appeal to everyone.

You have the option to either electronically color them or, traditionally, download them to your device, print them out, and begin coloring without any delay.


A cute smiling baby girl dressed in a cozy hat and scarf, engaging in a coloring activity suitable for young girls.

Coloring page of a duck swimming sweetly and happily with its two baby chicks in a lake, with lilies in the background. Mother duck has a crown of flowers on her head. Since this sheet is relatively detailed and complex, it is more suitable for adults to color.

Free printable coloring page featuring a stylish humanlike baby duckling wearing a jacket, a chain necklace, and a sports hat adorned with a flower. The intricate details appropriate for adult coloring enthusiasts.

Printable coloring page depicting a charming realistic scene of a mother duck adorned with a beret and scarf and her three cute ducklings, suitable for adults.

The coloring page features a baby duck with giant kawaii eyes wearing huge glasses, providing a lovely and appealing activity for both children and adults due to its charming design and simple details.

Printable coloring page featuring a duckling adorned with a charming ribbon and stylish hat, designed to engage children, preschoolers, and toddlers in coloring.

A simple and plain coloring page featuring a cute baby duck wearing a beanie and scarf, designed to engage preschoolers and toddlers in easy coloring activities.

Stylish female baby duckling with a ribbon around its neck: an extremely cute and kawaii coloring page which includes intricate details for adults.

Free printable cute coloring page featuring a female baby duckling adorned with a flower crown, ribbon, and surrounded by small flowers for adults.

Coloring page featuring a kawaii depiction of a mother duck surrounded by four duckling babies amidst delicate floral accents. The simple and clear design encourages enjoyable coloring for both children and adults.

Coloring sheet depicting a cute female baby duckling adorned in a fashionable outfit, designed for young girls.

Printable coloring page featuring a mother duck surrounded by her five tiny cute ducklings. Since it is designed in a clear and easy manner, it is suitable for children.

Printable coloring page featuring a cute little baby duck with glowing eyes, adorned with a hat and charming outfit, provides easy coloring for children.

Printable coloring page featuring a mother duck adorned with a floral crown, accompanied by two cute ducklings. One of the baby ducks has its eyes closed and is leaning on its mother. Suitable for kids coloring.

Printable coloring page of a young duckling dressed in a stylish coat, beret, and scarf, standing confidently like a human. Ideal coloring page for both adults and children, featuring a cute, cool, and fashionable animal character.

A printable coloring page depicts a mother duck leading her trio of cute baby ducklings, creating an endearing scene reminiscent of a children's coloring book illustration. The mother duck wears a simple hat adorned with a flower.

Coloring page featuring a cute baby duck wearing a sports hat, chain necklace, and jacket, appeals to boys, preschoolers, and toddlers to color.

Free printable coloring page featuring a cute duck illustration in a kawaii style. Suitable for both adults and children.

A cheerful baby duck wearing a cozy beanie and scarf. This coloring page features a simple design ideal for children, preschoolers, and toddlers to enjoy during the winter season.

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Clarice Brookman is a partner in the Do It Before Me. Her principal area of practice includes coloring pages, drawings, and art designs. Brookman has extensive experience advising parents on guiding children's development through various artistic activities, including coloring and drawing.


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