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20 Simple Wolf Drawings in Pencil Step by Step for 2023

Now we will look at how to draw a wolf with a pencil step by step, how to draw wolf hair step by step for beginners, in great detail and in great detail. Option 1 is easy, option 2 is hard.wolf tattoo First, we will draw a simple version of the muzzle of the wolf. At first we draw a part of a nose, then a forehead, then a mouth, a nose, an eye, a tooth and we paint over a mouth.

Next, draw the ear and neck, shade the area near the nose and at the bottom of the lower jaw, imitate the hair, applying individual curves in the direction of hair growth close to each other and layering on top of each other.

I always start hatching from the eyes. First, TM, I outline the darkest places in the eye – the pupil and eyelids, then I shade them thickly with 4M. I leave the highlight unpainted. Then I draw the iris with harder pencils. Moving from the pupil to the edges for a more natural image

I’m going to wool. I start by lightly marking the direction of the coat with a 2T pencil.With a TM pencil, I begin to work out the wool with short strokes. I make the strokes near the eye very short.

– Never press hard on the pencil. It is better to go through an extra layer than to immediately darken. Correcting darkened places can sometimes be very problematic.

– Never draw hairs in parallel, it will look unnatural. Even the smoothest animal’s hairs will curve and overlap each other. Therefore, draw each individual hair at a small angle to the neighboring one or slightly bend it in an arc.

– Try to use the eraser as little as possible. It leaves behind dirt, which will make new strokes look untidy.

Never rush. If you feel that you want to finish quickly, it is better to postpone the work, otherwise you can only spoil it.

If something doesn’t work out for you or starts to annoy you, postpone work. Later, with a fresh look, you will be able to assess the errors and easily correct them.


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