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3 Basic Steps for Watercolor Painting

Do you want to make professional watercolors? Then look at this article and learn how to oil watercolor step by step.

Drawing is a lot of fun. The experiments are part of this fun, and the essence of the experiments is that you never know what will happen to the picture while you are working on it.
Thanks to the texture, the picture seems much more interesting, and it’s just breathtaking when someone comes up to this works in order to better and more clearly see them.

Your imagination. Anything will do, you just need paper, paints and patience to see if your idea works.
These paints are widely used and are used for drawing, coloring drawings, diagrams, posters, etc. Watercolor paints are produced in tiles, in porcelain or other cups, or in tin tubes. Watercolors are diluted with water and are always ready for use. Diluted dried paint does not deteriorate and can be put into operation again.
If you pour a good portion of salt into water and stir until completely dissolved, the paint is distributed more and more and becomes more grainy, giving the work a texture.

Colors become so soft and seem to lean on the edges. Experiment with the ratio of bleach and water and then you get the desired effect.

For the preparation of these paints, mineral, aniline and vegetable paints can be used. Aniline paints are rarely used, because, soaking into paper, they stain it through, so that you cannot wash them off the picture and weaken the tone. They do not wash off also with a brush.

Recently, mineral paints have been used almost exclusively, since they are cheaper and stronger than vegetable paints. The preparation of watercolor paints boils down to the fact that the crushed water-mixed paints are mixed with a binder and the resulting dough is placed in tubes, cups or formed into appropriate cakes.

Step 1
First of all, you need to get an ink pen. Different artists have different preferences, and it will probably take a little trial and error to find out what exactly suits you.And first choose which picture you want to draw. you can find a sample template. Then draw it without pressing too hard on the picture door.

Step 2
After drawing your draft picture, you can try to paint the picture. You can do whatever color you want to make whatever color you want. If you use more water, you will get a lighter color.

Step 3

If you make the finishing touches after waiting for drying, your picture is ready.



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