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Wallpapers That Will Look Perfect On Your iPhone

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It is somehow strange to think that the backgrounds from this collection will soon become obsolete. This is for a “skele-morphing” iOS 6, they are excellent, and in iOS 7, it will probably look alien. So it is worthwhile to try this wallpaper on your I-devices as soon as possible while it is still relevant.

Instead of sending you to dig into wallpaper sites, we have carefully selected images that will look amazing on the iPod touch 5th generation iPod and iPhone 5 display. Therefore, you will not find blurry photos, bad tracks and tasteless color combinations.

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Under each thumbnail is a web address where you can download your favorite wallpaper in the original resolution. If you see too many screen sizes on a specific web page, look for a link with the numbers 640 × 1136 – this is the resolution of iPod touch and iPhone 5.

All the pictures are excellent and on the screens of earlier models of iPod touch and iPhone – when setting the wallpaper with a double tap, scale the picture to the width of the screen of your device.

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