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How to Draw a Realistic Turtle Step by Step 2023

We start our master class by trying to draw an ordinary turtle with a pencil using the simplest forms. We outline the shell, the approximate size of the head, then we outline the paws. We pay attention to the shape of the paws – front and rear.

The front paws are more curved outward, while the hind legs are more inward. We also pay attention to the shape of our head, that we have a neck there, which smoothly passes into the head. We outline the mouth of the turtle, make the nose more square so that the muzzle of the turtle is not round. Even at this stage, we outline the abdomen of our turtle with you.

At the next stage of the drawing, we will need to erase unnecessary details and pencil lines, as well as refine the shape of the turtle – somewhere we need to fix it, somewhere just outline it brighter.

Then, to beautifully draw a turtle, we begin to hatch its shell. We use vertical hatching and horizontal hatching.

Try to alternate hatching to show the texture of our shell. In some places, we put a little more pressure on the pencil, in some places, on the contrary, we make weak shading. We also show the shell pattern, its square patterns. Somewhere it can be additionally added to make the tortoise shell more beautiful and interesting.

We add shading to the paws, to the head, to the abdomen of our turtle. We darken the lower part of the shell, because a shadow falls on the turtle from the shell. It is in these places that we make the greatest darkening. We also make the hind legs darker, which are exactly behind, that is, the far legs.

At the same stage, we need to show a small texture on the paws in the form of scales. You don’t need to paint over all the paws with scales, just add a little in some places, in some places we just leave the white parts.

On the head of the turtle, we paint over the eye darker, as well as the nose and the opening line of the mouth. We add a little scales, darken the pattern around the eye. Somewhere we emphasize the shape of our turtle, refining it.

Also, with the same pencil that we drew with, a 4B pencil, we add accents to the shell. That is, the same pattern that we have already drawn on the shell, we darken a little, in some places.


In the master class above, we have discussed how to draw a turtle correctly – the simplest. Now let’s figure out how to draw a turtle in water, because it is water that is the element where it lives. This master class will help you if you want to make a drawing or a picture of the underwater world, where the hero will be just the same cute turtle drawn. For this tutorial, you will also need paper, a pencil, and an eraser.

At the final stage, we erase the extra lines and add hatching. We try to do hatching with rounded strokes. We darken the inner sides of the paws, the edges of the shell, the lower part of the mouth, neck and eye.


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