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20 Realistic Tree Drawings with Leaves 2023

In this drawing lesson we will look at how to draw a tree with a pencil step by step for beginners. To do this, we need pencils of different softness and an eraser with a sharp tip, or a nag (a soft rubber band that can be changed).

Let’s draw such a beautiful tree.

We outline our tree in height, the location of the trunk, and branches.

We draw the trunk, how thick it is. Keep in mind that the tree trunk does not have the shape of a carrot: it tapers upward gradually, and this happens largely due to the branches extending from it.

Branching out, the tree becomes thinner. This is also true for branches – the more the branch branches, the thinner the branches become, moving away from the trunk. You should not draw a tree that is too thick at the roots – otherwise, you may not have enough leaf height.

We continue to refine the location and size of the tree branches, draw thinner branches.

So, in the previous step, we drew a tree with branches. Now we will circle it along the contour with a soft pencil, changing the pressure force for expressiveness so that the line is of different thicknesses.

But we need to draw the leaves. It is impossible to draw each leaf, you need to decide how the leaves look in the mass. To do this, imagine that the light falls from the side. It will be very good if you look at real trees or pictures of trees on a sunny day. It is seen that the leaves are arranged in such large masses. Separate leaves can be drawn later, but for now, we will lay the shadows. There are shadows on the tree trunk too.

We apply shadows to the foliage of the tree.

We apply darker parts of the tree with a softer pencil. In some places, we draw thin twigs with an elastic band (we erase, and we get white twigs) and a pencil. In some places, we draw leaves.By the same principle, we finish the tree, to select light areas we use the eraser.


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