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Cute Sushi Drawings in Pencil 2022

Step 1

We outline three rolls in the form of circles, which we place one after the other.Draw a rectangle at an angle. We create a thickness for it to give it the appearance of a wooden plank.

The first step is to draw a sketch. Four cubes, two on the right, seem to be tilted, and two on the left, as if standing on something. We write SUSHI above the picture, but this is not necessary. In the middle of the cube, draw a square located in the direction of the cube. We draw such squares in all sushi there will be a filling.

Step 2

We add the thickness of each roll and next we mark sushi with ovals.We finish drawing the legs on the board and on top we outline future sushi in the form of circles.Now we are drawing wasabi.

To do this, first draw a circle. We draw lines that will give texture and volume. We outline where the shadows will be in the future.

Step 3

We draw sushi in more detail, adding a fish on top.On top of the circles draw a piece of fish.This stage is the easiest. Outline all our elements.

I didn’t circle the word sushi on purpose, because later we will color this word in black (to save time. In this drawing, it is not necessary to trace the line to the line.

Step 4

Now let’s take time for the rolls, with which we will draw the filling in the center. Add strokes and other details to create texture.

We draw pieces of fish and cheese with nori in more detail. Refine the outline of the drawing with an eraser.We start to decorate. Sushi wrapped in salmon. We paint over certain areas with orange. We paint over thin lines with an orange pencil. DO NOT FORGET ABOUT SHADOWS (we layer the orange marker). Add some gray for contrast.

Step 5

Create a stroke with a black marker.We use a black marker in this step to draw the outline.

This moment has come, circle the word sushi with a black marker. One of the hardest parts is coloring the wasabi. First, take a light green, fill the entire surface. Further, those very lines begin to darken, with each layer everything is darker. Here comes some volume.

Step 6

We paint over rice in sushi and rolls with a beige pencil.First of all, paint over the rice in each sushi with a beige pencil.

We draw the stuffing. Please note that the filling is clearly pronounced in the lower left land, and the filling is very blurred in the right. At the top, medium blur. Add some spilled sauce and shadows

Step 7

Draw nori in black. Now we are working on a board with legs in brown.

We add shadows to the word Sushi (if you wrote this word) first the lightest gray, and then darker. We make shadows coming from the land. We also layer on layer in the same way. OUR DRAWING IS READY.

Step 8

For the fish on sushi and in the filling of each roll, we will use an orange pencil.

We paint over the fish with a pink pencil, and the cheese with yellow.

Step 9

There is also another type of fish, which will be a light brown hue. Paint over cucumber or avocado in rolls in green.

When finished, use a black pencil to fill in the nori and create a shadow. Also, if desired, with a white gel pen, we create highlights. Ready!

Step 10

We create a shadow with a black pencil, as well as highlights with a white gel pen. We will get a finished drawing of rolls and sushi with colored pencils.


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