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20 Easy Sunset Drawings for Kids to Copy 2023

Little children love to draw the sun. They start by taking a yellow felt-tip pen or pencil and begin to draw a part of the circle in the corner of the sheet. There is even a line from a children’s song – “The solar circle, the sky around …”. How to draw the sun so that it decorates the drawing and makes it alive and truly sunny?

The sun with a cute face is the decoration of any children’s drawing. To draw such a sun, you can use a compass or draw a circle by hand. You can also trace a round object, such as the bottom of a mug. This method should be taught to the child as early as possible, because it makes life much easier.

You can also use a black liner or a thin marker to trace lines made with a simple pencil.

Following a simple instruction, you can draw the sun with a very cute face:

Place a sheet of paper in front of you. With a compass or a simple pencil, draw a circle of the desired diameter.

Freehand sketch out the lines coming from the sun. These are rays. It is advisable to keep the same distance between the rays, for this you can use a ruler, but this tool is undesirable in drawing.

Draw the eyes of the sun with a simple pencil. These should be slightly elongated circles. On the right side of the eye, draw highlights – two small ovals.

Draw a mouth – a small semicircle. The closer the mouth is to the eyes, the prettier the face of the sun will turn out. You can add pink cheeks right under the eyes. Highlights on the cheeks can be made with a corrector, or you can leave them natural.

Carefully paint over the circle and the rays with yellow. Circle all the details with a black felt-tip pen. With a black felt-tip pen, paint over the eyes of the sun, leaving the highlights white. If you accidentally painted over the highlights, then they can be redone using a corrector (putty).

You can add eyelashes. Color the mouth of the sun in pink. If desired, decorate the sun with decorative elements – a bow, rhinestones or beads.

Place a sheet of paper in front of you and draw a circle. Color the circle with a yellow felt-tip pen, if desired, draw a muzzle near the sun. Outline the circle with a black marker.

With an orange felt-tip pen, draw rays in the form of sound waves. The wave that is closer to the sun should be larger. Waves draw in descending order. The colors of the waves can be alternated – orange with yellow or orange with red.

If desired, orange woolen threads can be glued according to the wave pattern. So the drawing will turn out to be voluminous and will look even more beautiful.

One of the neatest and most accurate options for drawing the sun for children is a drawing of the sun with sharp rays. Such rays are isosceles triangles with high sides and a small base. To draw such a sun, you can use any materials, but you will definitely need a simple pencil and a ruler for it.

Following the simplest instructions, you can draw a wonderful sun with sharp rays:

Place a sheet of paper in front of you, make a sketch with a simple pencil. After the base circle is drawn, it is necessary to put four points equidistant from each other on the drawn line of the circle.

Draw rays from the point using a ruler. Draw two segments to the beam from two sides – they form a triangle. When you do the same on all four sides, the sun will look like a compass. Such a calculation will make the figure perfectly even, it will look as neat as possible.

Between the two triangles, draw another ray, on the sides of it – two more. Fill all the empty space with triangular rays. Color the sun as you wish.


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