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20 Easy Sun Drawings in Pencil 2023

One of the neatest and most accurate sun drawing options for kids is a sun drawing with sharp rays. Such rays are isosceles triangles with high sides and a small base. To draw such a sun, you can use any materials, but you will definitely need a simple pencil and a ruler for it.

Little children love to draw the sun. They start by taking a yellow felt-tip pen or pencil and begin to draw a part of the circle in the corner of the sheet. There is even a line from a children’s song – “The solar circle, the sky around …”. How to draw the sun so that it decorates the drawing and makes it alive and truly sunny?

Experimental artists will enjoy working with face painting, food coloring and materials that are completely unexpected for drawing. The sun can be drawn on a sheet of paper, on a face, on a tiled or glass surface. It is only important to choose the right material and choose high-quality brushes.

In this lesson, we will consider 6 options for how to draw the sun with a pencil step by step, among the six options, one will be for children, namely the smiling sun.

The sun is the star of the solar system, our earth and other planets in the solar system revolve around the sun, and the sun itself revolves in the orbit of the Milky Way.

The sun with a cute face is the decoration of any children’s drawing. To draw such a sun, you can use a compass or draw a circle by hand. You can also trace a round object, such as the bottom of a mug. This method should be taught to the child as early as possible, because it makes life much easier.

How to draw the sun. We draw a circle and around it from the outside we draw straight lines in the middle horizontally and vertically. Then between these lines in the middle we draw the same lines, then between the existing lines we draw small lines in the middle.

How to draw the sun for children, draw a smiling sun. We draw a circle, a nose, a mouth and eyes near the sun, then we draw rays near the sun in a chaotic manner, just how many rays you draw, you draw so much.

The principle of drawing is the same as in the first version, only the lines are curved, only as you draw all the large curves between them, you need to draw a middle curve in the middle, and already between all the curved lines we draw small straight lines in the middle between them.

You need to draw the main circle and the outer circle with thin lines and divide it with two perpendicular lines in the middle. Now we divide each quarter into three equal parts (we draw two straight lines in each quarter).

Then we draw a zigzag and erase all the auxiliary lines that we drew.5 option how to draw a sunset or a setting sun beyond the horizon. By the way, I have a similar one in the lesson on how to draw an African sunset, to see it click here. We draw a straight line and a semicircle, then we draw a haze or clouds.

Here you just need to repeat the bends, draw a circle and around it the flame of the sun, as it suits you, it’s convenient for me to start from above and go clockwise.


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