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Cool and Easy Snake Drawings in Pencil 2023

First, draw the snake’s head. It will be in the shape of an oval. Further, with one line, we are trying to depict the direction of movement of our snake, to catch its plasticity.

Then we show the thickness of the body of our snake. Somewhere you can correct something if we initially set the line incorrectly, but it’s better to do it right away, at the initial stage.

We refine the shape of the snake, designate the shape and location of the snake’s eye, once again refine the shape of the head and its connection with the body and erase the extra lines. We use the HB pencil for this all the time.

Add a tone to the snake with a pencil. We make the hood itself and some places on the body darker. At the end, we draw the scales and remove the unnecessary details with an eraser that we do not need in the drawing.

Thus, you can gradually draw with a pencil both a simple, small snake, and a more complex one, with fine details, drawing scales, and so on. The main thing in these master classes is to adhere to a step-by-step scheme, that is, not immediately draw a drawing as it is, but in detail, each time adding a new one.


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