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Skull Tattoo Designs for Women and Men

The skull tattoo is sensed by everyone in their own way. Some believe that its meaning is associated with something dangerous. After all, the skull means death and it symbolizes how perishable a person’s life is.

Surely you know that earlier the skull was a symbol of pirates, who were desperate people and led a wild life. Therefore, once the skull tattoo was filled with people who like to experience luck, risk, and dangerous adventures. Over time, the pirates were forgotten, but such tattoos have not gone out of fashion.

Skull tattoos are credited with the meaning of the bitter truth that comes to us all. Nevertheless, the skull is a symbol of sacrifice and forgiveness. This meaning is borrowed from Christian canons.

Skull tattoo is not only present in the Christian religion. For Buddhists, this symbol is a constant reminder of how sacred human life is. For the Celts, the skull was a symbol of the immortal human soul. For some people, a skull tattoo even means immortality and wisdom.

A Skull tattoo is often combined with a snake or a rose next to the skull. These additions usually emphasize the idea that love and death always go hand in hand. Also, the image of the skull can be supplemented with a dagger, sword, angel wings, and cobwebs. There is no doubt that such a skull tattoo looks stylish and to some extent extravagant.

Here are the unique skull tattoos created by Do It Before Me Art Studio:


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