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How to Draw a Skeleton Hand Step by Step 2023

Draw a vertical line, and then divide it into five parts – these will be the lumbar vertebrae. Don’t forget that the sketch lines should be light so you can add the final lines on top ┬áthem later.

Draw 12 more links, making them smaller as you complete them.draw discs between the vertebrae.

Give shape to each vertebra. The chest will start from the third vertebra from the bottom. Here, draw two squares with five vertebrae along these squares.From the base of the square, draw a curve going around the entire spine.

This will be the main outline of the chest. “Cut off” the sides of the chest to round off its shape. Now draw the back of the ribs: 11 long ones and one short one. Also, add pseudo-ribs to the rest of the vertebrae.

Let’s move on to the front of the chest. Draw the chest. Divide the sternum into quarters and the bottom quarter into thirds. Now add the front part of the ribs.

Seven of them must be connected directly to the sternum and the other three to the seventh. The last two edges are “free” and not connected to anything.Now you can outline the edges, giving them some thickness.


The ribs are attached to the sternum with cartilage. Separate it from the rest of the edges with a curve.


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