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Realistic Shark Drawings for Kids in Pencil 2023

This will be a very simple lesson. Here we will show how to draw an angry shark with a pencil step by step. All you have to do is draw an elongated circle and a pointed shape for the mouth.

Now you need to make an elongated oval shape for the middle section of the body, and then add lines for the fins and tail.

Scientists admit that the underwater world is fraught with many more secrets and mysteries. However, the most dangerous predator of the seas and oceans is familiar even to children. This is a shark. These creatures appeared long before the dinosaurs.

They appeared 400 million years ago. Their body, feelings, skills – everything is adapted for spearfishing. Sharks have long been considered the embodiment of sophisticated cunning, cruelty, love of freedom, perseverance, beauty, power, swiftness, and fearlessness.

To get the kids excited about drawing, invite them to draw this amazing predator. If you yourself do not know how to draw a shark, use our lesson. He will go into detail about where to start the image of a shark. Together with you, your children will definitely be able to draw a portrait of the most charming shark!

Okay, now with the help of lines you will make the lining for the top of the head and nose. Then make a shape for her mouth and jaw. After that add vertical lines to the gills and then shape the back and tail. And finally, make the shape for the fins in the lower abdomen.

Draw a crease in the corner of the mouth. At the top we draw a small eye, we draw a line-folds over the mouth. Next, draw the gills, fins and tail. Draw two lines along the body.

Draw the body of the shark. Draw a dark eye. And then we draw teeth in the form of cones.

We take an eraser and erase the extra lines that you drew in the first step. Let’s outline the main lines brighter, add shadows to create volume. That’s all! Now you know how to draw an angry shark with a pencil.


It remains to draw a small but keen eye! Draw a small black circle, leave a white highlight. Next to the eye, draw another circle, but larger. This will be a cheek. Our shark is truly adorable!

Before drawing the mouth of the shark, first draw the eye. Focusing on the location of the eye, it will be easier for you to draw the outline of the predatory mouth.

You won’t have to draw anything complicated at this step. You will only need to draw the lower sharp teeth and the dividing line for the shark’s back and belly. This line should not be perfectly even, draw it arbitrarily, without pressing hard on the pencil.

It is not necessary to paint a shark drawing with paints. Shadows from a simple pencil are quite suitable for coloring the skin of a shark. To make the picture of a shark look more realistic, you can color the background of the sea and draw a flock of fish next to the shark.

You can color based on examples, or as your imagination wishes!


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