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10 Depression Sad Doodles – Easy Doodle Art Ideas

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We have already talked about doodling as a phenomenon, and today we have prepared an article on the practice of drawing depression sad doodle art. A doodle is a form of modern art and an irrational style of drawing.

Unlike school art classes, there are no rules for doodles. Patterns can be either abstract or plot. You can apply and combine classic and right-handed drawing techniques.

We all love doodles and despises any attempt to “create a technique.” However, on the pages of the same book, he is trying to classify doodle artists and offers readers to take the test “What is your doodle?”

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Brown is convinced that each of us has our unique visual-linguistic handwriting, almost like a signature or fingerprints. And this can be a starting point for the activation and development of the natural ability to interpret a visual language and use it in different contexts.

Where to start

Doodle is suitable even for those who have never painted and are convinced that they cannot do it. The main thing is the mechanism and spontaneity. While the head is busy with something, the hand draws and reveals the secrets of the subconscious. You are free to choose colors, shapes, and sizes. However, if you are just starting to practice, adopt the following tips.

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Get a notebook for creativity

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It is better if it is a small notebook (A6 or A5) with thick paper so that you can always take it with you.

Choose handy tools

What do you like more: a ballpoint pen, gel pen or pencil? Prefer to paint with water-based felt-tip pens or markers? Pick the tools that will be convenient for you to work with.

Take time to draw

As in any other business, in doodling, skill comes with practice. Let your thoughts fly every day: draw over morning coffee, in the subway on the way to work, in bed before going to bed. Quite enough 15-20 minutes a day. Doodling will soon become your daily positive habit.

Experiment with color

Colors have a strong emotional effect on a person: some soothe, others, on the contrary, annoy; some are encouraging, while others are melancholy. Doodling is black and white for many, but try playing with the rainbow. Apply light watercolor on paper and draw doodles on top. You can go the other way: first, draw a pattern, and then color its elements or in its entirety.

Use patterns

A blank sheet of paper can cause stupor. How to draw? Where to begin? Templates will help you start your creative journey in doodling.

In the book by Tonia Jenny and Amy Jones, Zen Doodling. The art of subconscious drawing ”contains the world’s best examples of the art of doodling with step-by-step instructions. Try repeating them to find your creative style.

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