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5 Easy and Realistic Shark Drawings – How to Draw a Realistic Shark in Pencil

Sharks are one of the most magnificent and attractive fish on our planet. No story related to the sea or ocean, one way or another, can do without the presence of these creatures in the story. Legends are written about them, films and comics are dedicated to them.

A novice author or artist who wants to portray this creature will in most cases ask himself: “How to portray a shark?” In our article, we will show you how to do this in stages. However, a shark is a common name for more than 300 species of predatory and toothy fish. Therefore, the material contains practical tips for representing different animals. By the way, in addition to this lesson, there are other manuals on our resource, for example, how to draw lips in stages. Besides, we regularly replenish archives. Subscribe if you do not want to miss updates.

Also, before the start of the lesson, we want to give you one piece of advice: do not stop at the achieved result. In this text, only a couple of cases and methods of depiction are written. If you want to draw a shark simply and easily in any style and image, improve your skills daily.

shark jumping out of the water
shark jumping out of the water

In the initial stages, of course, find ready-made images of creatures and sketch them. Time after time, picture by picture, your work will become better and better. At a certain stage, you will understand that you do not want to draw other people’s images. At this point, start creating your creations.

Think in your head the appearance of the shark, its surrounding environment. An important element is the development of its model of behavior. Indeed, some sharks feed exclusively on plankton and do not pose great danger. Character development is especially important if you decide to portray a cartoon animal.

How to draw a shark in stages
Any, even the most complex drawing, can be represented if you break it into elements, and the drawing process itself into stages:

mechanical shark drawing
mechanical shark drawing

At the first, preparatory stage, you need to think over the composition of your work. What shark did you decide to portray? What will she look like? Will it be a static drawing, or will the speaker violently splash out of it. Will, there be one shark, or in the background, you want to depict the sea surface or its prey?

All these seemingly trifles will greatly increase your chances of a successful result. At first, this stage will take a lot of time, but over time your brain and imagination will do it in a matter of seconds. In our case, we decided to depict a calm and well-fed shark swimming along the bottom of a reservoir:

hammerhead shark drawing
hammerhead shark drawing

It all starts with lines

To draw a shark in pencil in stages, draw two curved lines. They indicate the outline of the upper jaw and the front of the creature’s face. The angle they form will look to the right and down a bit. However, remember that you can change the position of the figure. But in this case, you have to portray the shark in its way. This is good. However, if you are taking the first steps in drawing, try to do as shown in the image.

Draw another one from the top end of the line shown. It should also be curved, but the angle, in this case, will look up and to the left. This line will be the fin of our beast. To more plausibly portray this element, and indeed the entire shark, view photos of this animal on the Internet. Browse through textbooks and articles about the anatomy of a predator, its habits, the conditions where it lives. This will help in the image of the animal. In any case, the knowledge you gain will be useful to you in life, even if drawing is a simple hobby for you.

leopard shark drawing
leopard shark drawing

Draw another line from the fin, this time a straight line. However, do not do it under the ruler. The more natural it is, the better. This element is the part of the body that goes into the tail. Therefore, it’s okay to have roughness and roughness on it.

To draw a shark with a pencil, do not forget about the tail. Draw it with three curved lines. At the same time, remember that they are all auxiliary. Do not press hard on the pencil. So it will be much easier to erase the lines with an eraser. Otherwise, the white sheet may get dirty. And after him, the whole drawing, in general, becomes spoiled.

Let’s go back to the initial stage of drawing to the very first two curved lines. You did not forget that they are only the upper jaw of the beast. Draw another line from the bottom element. She will be the lower jaw. Recall that we are drawing a calm and well-fed shark. She just ate and was content with her life. That is why her mouth is closed. If you turn on the imagination, it may seem that she even smiles.

tiger shark drawing
tiger shark drawing

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