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Easy and Realistic Palm Tree Drawings 2023

Palm is a tropical tree with a smooth tall trunk, many large leaves at the top, and large round fruits with a dense peel. Coconut palms can be found in Malaysia and India, Hawaii, and Sri Lanka. It is such an exotic tree that we will draw on our sheet of paper step by step and color it colorfully with colored pencils.

Let’s outline with a simple pencil the trunk of a coconut palm tree in the form of an arc in the center of the leaf. From its upper point, we draw shorter arcs in different directions to get the construction for future leaves in the form of a single bundle.

Get beautiful and proportionate even for a child!

In this lesson, we will analyze in detail how to draw a palm tree with a pencil step by step. Thanks to our photo and video tutorials, we are sure that you can easily draw a palm tree with your own hands.

Draw another line of the trunk to make this part of the tree thick enough. Let’s add three circles of the same diameter at the top of the tree for future coconuts.


Let’s start from the ground. Sketch of the stem (trunk). Hold the pencil at an angle or with light pressure.

We remove the extra pencil lines of the sketch with a soft eraser. Draw horizontal arcs on the trunk to show its texture.

If you have a finished trunk outline. Try to draw the branches, try to draw the leaves of one branch. This will be a great exercise.

Draw the leaves. Note that each palm branch has green leaves on two opposite sides on each branch.

Draw faint pencil outlines with the branch leaves as if they were ready. This will give you an idea of ​​the final shape as it fills with leaves.Okay. You now have a complete palm tree outline base.

We won’t erase the pencil lines this time. Just keep drawing with colored pencils. I used 3 different green color pencils, each with different color shades: Yellow Green, Green, Dark Olive.

First, use bright colors one – yellow, green and just carefully draw the branches. You can also start drawing leaves. If you are not sure, then try with the pencil color on a separate sheet.

Pay attention to places where the leaves are brighter due to direct daylight. Generally, leaves in denser and clustered areas appear darker. In those areas, use a dark green pencil color.

Let’s move on to drawing the stem of the palm tree, for this draw many circles around the stem. Also, don’t forget to apply a shadow. You can add some color to the ground too.

On top of the pencil lines, create a stroke with a black marker to get a bright and noticeable outline for further coloring with colored pencils. We carefully remove the extra lines for constructing palm trees and coconuts with an eraser.

We select a dark brown pencil to sketch three coconuts on top of a tropical palm tree. Also at this stage, we use the green color of the herbal shade to paint over the leaves in the general beam.

We finalize the drawing with a black and white pencil, creating shadow and light with them. Also, if desired, you can draw highlights with a white gel pen. Let’s get a finished drawing of a palm tree with coconuts using colored pencils and some markers.


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