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20 Cute and Realistic Owl Drawings to Copy in 2023

Draw two large circles with a black felt-tip pen. Inside them, draw one more figure, but of a smaller diameter. These are the eyes in which the pupils must also be shown. From the outer circles, release upward curved lines.

Draw a large arc to represent the owl’s head. From the tips of the curved segments down, release along a vertical line. You get triangles. Draw a wide checkmark between the shapes.

Draw a triangular beak. Show a rounded body. Repeat the contour of the shape inside the blank – this is the chest. Outline the wings adjacent to the body. Make a few strokes on the tips of the parts.


Draw the fingers in the form of curved stripes. Mark the branch on which the bird sits. On the body, outline several arcs – you get feathers.

With a light brown felt-tip pen, paint over the body and head of the owl. Make the circles around the eyes and chest beige.





Use yellow for the beak and paws, dark brown for the branch. The eyes in the example are green and the pupils are emerald.


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