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20 Cute Mushroom Drawing Easy 2023

We start drawing a mushroom from a circle. This circle will serve as the basis for the hat, try to make it neat.

From the bottom, draw another circle, already smaller. This will be the stem of the mushroom, so it should intersect with the top circle.


According to these lines, we form a mushroom, that is, we remove the bottom from the upper part and the top from the bottom. We bring the leg to the edge of the mushroom cap, and round the edges of the cap.

The rear edges of the cap must be rounded and brought to the very leg of the mushroom. Draw grass near the base of the leg so that everything looks beautiful and pleasant.

Now it remains only to color the mushroom.

And now let’s try to draw a mushroom in stages more difficult – it will be a dangerous handsome fly agaric. It has a long stem and a bright red cap. Let’s draw the base of the mushroom – an oval instead of a hat, and from the center of the oval, we will draw a base for the stem.

On top of the oval, draw a rounded triangle, as shown below. In addition, you need to draw the leg of the mushroom and the folds extending from the base.On the leg you need to draw something that looks like a mushroom skirt, I don’t know what it’s called.Our fungus is almost ready!

Add details to your liking and color. I used light yellow for the stem and bottom of the mushroom cap, and red for the cap itself. Fly agaric cannot be imagined without white spots on the mushroom cap, so draw them. You can also draw a couple more mushrooms, grass, and so on.


  1. Are all these drawings yours as I’ve had a client ask to get one of them tattooed and wanted to find the original artist to ask permission?


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