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Realistic Mountain Drawings in Pencil for Kids

A drawing showing the unique beauty of the mountains does not have to be presented. Check out our first master class, where we actually learn how to draw mountains. With an HB pencil, we make a sketch of the mountains. We draw mountains in the form of a triangle. We try not to have the peaks on the same level. We draw some peaks above, some below. Similarly, in width. Stage 2 – refine the shape, show light and shadow.

We erase all unnecessary details. Then, take a 6B pencil and fill in the shadow parts of the mountains with tone. We have nearby mountains and we have distant mountains. The far three mountains, which are on the left, we make less contrast, cover slightly light parts of the mountains and slightly shadow parts. We still make the shadow ones a little darker than the light ones. But you can’t overdo it.

In the same way, we cover the shadow parts of the front mountains with tone. We make them more contrasting, more vivid. Then, at the end, we take a napkin and gently blend in some places our tone, which we put in order to add airiness. Also, with the same napkin, already with a tone, you can walk a little across the sky to show a little air.

We pay special attention to the bottom. We shade the entire lower part of the mountains so that our mountains go into fog. Also, we make a little emphasis on making the top, shadow parts of the hump darker than the bottom, since we have fog below. Because of this, the mountains are lighter, and less visible and clear.

Next, we take the same 4B pencil, and begin to clarify some details. That is, we make the upper part of the front mountains contrast, especially at the transition from shadow to light, we make contrast enhancement, and so on each mountain.

You can also add some details, in shady places, for example. Next, darken the lower part even more and shade it more. In conclusion, we darken the sky a little with an HB pencil and show the whitest and cleanest places on the light spots of our mountains with an elastic band.

Drawing Mountains and Parts – In this step by step tutorial, you’ll draw some mountains and we’ll show you how to shade correctly. Stage 1 – sketch drawing.

We outline the approximate location of our mountains, draw triangles. Try to draw all the mountains different in size, with different slopes, widths and heights. Stage 2 – show the shadows.

Refine the shape of our mountains. We show the shape and size of the shadow on each mountain. You can also outline some irregularities, in general, try to make the shape less even, more fragmentary and angular. Stage 3 – create bumps and additional shadows.

With a 4B pencil, fill in the completely shady parts of our mountains. We also show a darkening at the edges of the shadows, where the shadow passes into our light. In the shadows, we show compaction, fragments of irregularities, so that the shadows are more diverse and not the same.

With light shading we also show some irregularities on the mountains.Below we give you examples of references – photos and pictures, according to which you can also make a drawing.

In our workshops, we do not draw mountains and a river in the distance, but if you want just such a drawing, you can use one of our references, applying all the knowledge gained from previous workshops.


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