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Aesthetic Artsy Moon Drawings in Pencil 2023

Because our children bring pleasant dreams at night, and do not explore the starry sky and the moon, therefore, the first acquaintance of children with a mysterious satellite occurs according to the method of fairy tales and cartoons. we are learning to draw a fairy moon.

So, let’s prepare everything you need: a sheet of paper, a simple pencil, an eraser, paints and get started.

First, draw the shape of a crescent and add a horizontal line in the middle, so that we get a figure similar to the letter “E”.

Then we carefully look at the picture and draw the contours of the face.

Let’s dwell on the details: draw an eye and long eyelashes.
After that, draw the nose and mouth.

Now imagine that our moon is located in the gentle embrace of a thin cloud.

Next, let’s make the surface of the satellite more realistic: draw barely noticeable circles.

Let’s erase the auxiliary lines and we can consider our sketch ready. As you can see, drawing a beautiful cartoon moon with a pencil turned out to be very simple. Now add bright colors and fantasize about the background.



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