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20 Easy Realistic Lion Drawings 2023

Let’s start, as always, with the initial contour forms. You need to draw two circles for the torso and one smaller circle for the lion’s head. The circumference of the front of the lion is slightly larger, and it intersects with the circumference of the head. When a drawing is done in stages, with a simple pencil, you can always correct incorrect lines, so draw boldly, and if there are errors, correct them.

In the drawing of a lion, the most difficult stage is the initial one, because you determine the main proportions of the future picture of the lion. In the same step, you only need to add the top and bottom line of the lion’s torso. I think it will not be difficult for you to draw this. But the upper parts of the paws will be more difficult, but they need to be drawn exactly as in my drawing.
Before drawing the paws, let’s do something easier. Outline the lion’s tail and continue the top line, connecting it to the front paw. Now let’s draw the paws of the lion. “Lengthen” the front paw with another additional path and draw the “cushion” of the paw. Immediately draw next to the second front paw. Approximately also you need to draw the hind legs, focusing on my drawing.


Circle the initial contours of the hind legs with a pencil. Try to accurately shape the paws, do not make them too thin or too thick. It is these “little things” that will make the drawing of a lion look similar. Don’t forget to draw the lion’s tail. And you also need to draw the markup for the muzzle of the lion. After that, remove the extra contour lines from the drawing.

You see now that the drawing of the lion is almost finished, it remains only to draw the lion’s head in detail. But first, draw the line of the mane and the line of the belly. Take a closer look, at the very bottom of the abdomen there is another line connected to the hind leg. And now let’s draw the lion’s head. As always, start drawing the simplest elements. These are the ears and the front, inner contour of the mane. Divide the oval of the lion’s mouth into three parts and draw a triangle for the nose a little higher, and draw the eyes last.

I deliberately took an extra step, since drawing a lion’s head is not easy. Let’s take a closer look at the “face” of the lion. First you need to remove the extra contour lines left from the oval of the lion’s mouth. (You can enlarge this picture in your browser). Put a pencil “points” in this part. The nose should be extended with lines to the very eyes. Don’t forget to make the nostrils. In the center of the forehead draw a crease and finally start drawing the eyes in detail.


At the last stage, you need to draw the lion’s fur, a brush on the tip of the tail and add shadows throughout the drawing. Draw all the details that you missed and, if you wish, draw a landscape surrounding the lion in the background. Additional details always enliven the drawing and make the picture more realistic. A drawing of a lion drawn with a simple pencil with shadows is not advisable to color. If you are going to make a picture of a lion in color, then start painting over it in step 6.



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