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Easy and Cute Ice Cream Drawings for Kids 2023

Step 1

Let’s outline the waffle cone in the form of two diagonal lines. We get a triangle with a rounded corner.

Let’s start drawing ice cream. First, draw a curved line in the form of the letter r, this will be part of the ice cream filling.

Now we will learn how to draw popsicle ice cream on a stick simply and quickly. This is an easy ice cream drawing tutorial for beginners. And so let’s start, draw the shape of a rectangle with rounded corners.

Step 2

In the upper part, we draw a large circle with a simple pencil.

Now draw the filling layers as shown in the picture. Note that the bottom layer is the largest in length, the second layer is the middle layer, and the top layer is the smallest.

Now we draw a layer of chocolate that spreads over the ice cream. Believe me, it’s simple.

Step 3

Add a waffle tube and a cherry at the top.

Start drawing the second side of the frozen yogurt filling.

This is the last step, all you need to do is draw the main lines again with a pencil, and then draw a stick.

Step 4

We draw diagonal lines on the triangle, which together will make up the pattern for the waffle cone.

Finish drawing the second side of the filling, making the filling ready.

That’s all the drawing is ready. Now take your colored pencils and color your drawing. If you liked the lesson, write comments and upload your popsicle drawings.

Step 5

In the middle of the circle, draw a few scoops of ice cream that melt appetizingly. Also, decorate with confectionery sprinkles – balls. Let’s draw droplets on the horn.

Now draw a cone shape at the bottom of the filling, this will be the wafer tube.

Step 6

Let’s add details and start drawing over the outline lines with a black marker. We erase the extra details with an eraser.

Make a pattern on the wafer tube as shown.

Step 7

We work on the ice cream cone with brown shades to give it volume.

Outline the sketch of ice cream with a black felt-tip pen and sharpen the pencil. Decorate the ice cream at the end. Decorate the ice cream filling in pink. Color the waffle tube light brown and dark brown. That’s it, the ice cream cone with yogurt filling is drawn!

Step 8

Now paint over the wafer tube and one layer of ice cream, which will be creamy. At this stage, we use a beige and brown pencils.

Step 9

We paint over other layers of ice cream in red and green. We will make confectionery dressing in the form of balls of different diameters in a yellow hue. We also work on a berry with a red pencil. We supplement with new shades to give the picture volume.

Step 10

We create a shadow on the ice cream cone with a black pencil and then refine it with a white marker or gel pen. The drawing is ready!

The last final stage, is the coloring of the ice cream itself. You don’t have to do this, just add shadows, I decided to color the drawing and added paint. (Tip) Color everything in the same direction.

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw cartoon cute ice cream! The lesson consists of 9 stages, All you need: A blank white sheet, a simple pencil (gray), And any colored supplies, pencils, felt-tip pens, crayons, paint, everything you have at hand!


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