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20 Cute and Simple Heart Drawings 2023

In this lesson, we will look at how to draw an heart in stages with a pencil.

Draw a rectangle with very thin lines so that its height is slightly less than its width and now mark the middle of each side with dashes.

Next, divide the middle half in half, as shown in the picture. We draw a smooth line from a point that starts just above ΒΌ of the height and is located in the middle of the rectangle, then connects to certain points that we previously put down.

Draw the same line on the other side. To make it more even, you can draw a line in the middle of the heart and measure the distance from this middle to the line of the heart with a ruler and set aside the same distance on the other side. Do this several times going down, and then connect these points.

We erase all auxiliary lines and paint our hearts red.


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