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20 Realistic Hand Drawings Step by Step Tutorials for 2023

See how the strong tendons are attached to the arch of the hand, and how they are grouped on the back of it to straighten the fingers. The work of these tendons is amazing. They can control all fingers at the same time, and can also control the operation of the fingers individually.

The middle finger is the main one from which the measurement of the palm begins. The length of this finger from its tip to the last knuckle is almost equal to half the palm. The width of the palm is slightly greater than the length of half the palm on the inside. The first, or index finger, in its length almost reaches the nail of the middle finger. The ring finger is almost as long as the index finger. The little finger almost reaches the topmost knuckle of the ring finger..

In the pictures above, pay attention to the fossa of the palm and how it is defined. Also notice how the back of the hand curves. Hands will never look natural until the artist understands the distinctive, special features of the hand. These drawings show hands holding an object. The loud sound of applause is created by the sudden pressure of air between the palms, which are gathered into a “cup”, or simply folded together. Hands that cannot be folded are difficult to draw. Study your own hands.

The muscles that control the tendons are located in the forearm. Fortunately for the artist, the tendons are not visible because they are deep. On the back of the hand of children and young people, the tendons are hidden. In adults and the elderly, they are still visible.

The next step is to draw in more detail the contours.

Erase unnecessary lines, mark the small folds of the skin and nails.

How to draw hands. With a TM pencil, shade the shadow on the brush, just try not to darken it right away.The next brush is deployed a little differently. This angle can be used quite often in drawings. Outline the general shape.


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