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Easy Step by Step Halloween Pumpkin Drawings 2023

Halloween is considered a dark and slightly creepy holiday because of the frightening imagery. One of the main symbols of this night holiday is the pumpkin. Holes for the eyes and mouth are cut out in it, and a candle is placed inside.

Thus, a lamp is obtained. But today we will dream up a little and imagine that the pumpkin has come to life. We can draw it on paper by learning how to draw a pumpkin for Halloween. She will be wearing a black magic hat, which revived her for this holiday.

Step 1
Draw a horizontal oval in the middle of the sheet. Through the middle of the oval we draw an axial (vertical) line.

Step 2

Draw an ellipse on top, which will later help us draw the edges of the hat. Add a long cap in the middle of the hat, which will be rounded at the edge. In the middle of the large oval at the bottom we will make a mouth for the pumpkin. It will be big and wide. The corners of the mouth are turned up because the pumpkin is smiling.

Step 3

In the middle of the pumpkin, draw a small triangle, which will be the character’s nose. Let’s add two eyes, the outer corners of which will be slightly raised, due to the fact that the pumpkin is smiling. Draw two teeth in the mouth. One will be added at the top right, and the second at the bottom left.

Step 4

Draw the shape of a pumpkin. From below, the pumpkin is divided into fragments, which we make rounded. Let’s add a few small stripes under the hat.

Step 5

Let’s make the pumpkin more voluminous. We make a thickening of the inside of the pumpkin, where the cuts of the eyes, mouth and nose go. Add an additional line and connect them at an angle.

Step 6

The hat will look crumpled, so let’s add more folds to it. The folds will be not only on the cap, but also on the fields. At the base of the cap you need to draw a strap that will decorate it.

Step 7

With a black pen, you need to circle all the necessary contours of the pumpkin and hat. We make the inner lines thinner, and the outer ones can be made thicker. From below we will make cracks on the pumpkin.

Step 8

With a black marker, draw the entire mouth, nose and eyes. The hat will also be black, but leave some highlights on it.

Step 9

The inside of the mouth, nose, and eye slits will be yellow. Let’s make the pumpkin orange, but in the places of the bend we need to add a darker tone. A brown pencil is suitable for this task. With it, you can draw a shadow on the pumpkin at the bends and under the hat. The hat strap will also be orange.

Step 10

Drawing of a pumpkin in a Halloween hat is ready!


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