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20 Cute Girl Drawings – Easy Step by Step Tutorial for 2023

Let’s start creating! Take the HB pencil in hand and hold it at an angle of 45 degrees
Let’s draw an oval of the girl’s face in the center of the sheet – pay attention to the shape of the chin..

Outline the neck with two curved lines.

We divide the face into 3 equal parts. To do this, draw two horizontal lines – these are the marks of the line of the nose and eyebrows.

Be sure to check if the parts of the face are equal. The proportions of the girl’s face depend on this.

We draw an axis of symmetry – a vertical line (we don’t want the face to turn out crooked?)But what about the hairstyle? We draw hair with smooth contours.
Notice how the hair overlaps the face a bit.

We draw eyebrows above the previously outlined line. Our girl has rather wide eyebrows – just now in fashion. ?


Next, you can draw the lips. First, draw a line of closing lips. Next, outline the upper and lower lip.

The upper lip and lower eyelids for each eye

We enter the iris and the pupil inside

Draw small highlights inside the pupil’s start working with lighting. Start shading the pupils with an HB pencil – so that they turn out dark

Shade the eyebrows with small strokes

Draw shadows under the eyelids. Is it the last step? We finalize our drawing of a girl with a pencil..

We darken some areas – the upper lip, the hair at the back of the neck

Adding contrast in the shadows (darkening the shadow areas)

Hooray! Our pencil drawing of a girl is ready! should be slightly smaller than the lower.

And of course, the nose! Outline the wings of the nose and enter the nostrils.

Let’s start drawing the eyes! We outline a curved line – the axis on which the eyes will be located.From the nose, we raise the perpendiculars upwards (marked with a dash-dotted line).

Thus, we find the inner corners of the eyes. We draw eyes. The inner and outer corners of the eyes should be on a curved axis.

Pay attention to the shape of the eyes. They look like leaves!

We erase the auxiliary construction lines with an eraser. We finally got rid of those obsessive lines!

The drawing is ready for a more detailed drawing.


  1. Sorry if this makes you feel mad or sad but there is nothing I really like that is my opinion though. So maybe but some cute animals and sea creatures too. That way there is more drawing activities to do. But you don’t have to.


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