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20 Cute and Easy Frog Drawings to Copy in 2023

Let’s take the topic “amphibians”. Now we will draw a frog. An ordinary simple frog. Let’s get rid of the fabulous association that has stuck in our teeth.

We will draw realistically and no crowns and arrows – the unfortunate princess is already impossibly messed up, it is quite possible to give her a rest. Simple frogs are people too and deserve attention.

Well, the principled position has been formulated, let’s get down to business. I saw a lot of frogs in lakes and swamps, and in our garden frogs jump in the grass even in the heat.

How to draw a frog step by step

Let’s start with a pencil sketch. Be sure to mark the midline of the body – the spine and the lines of attachment of the limbs.

Now we are ready to draw the frog step by step. Let’s start with the body – it is teardrop-shaped. The neck is not pronounced, and the head seems to merge with the body.

Let’s draw the hind legs. They are strongly bent and the knees are spread apart. Well, here you have to be very careful and draw the thigh and lower leg pressed against each other consciously.

I have seen many times how children, copying from the board, just scribbled – sort of like “there are paws”, but I advise you to honestly understand the anatomy of a frog, if we have taken to learn to draw realistically. A frog modeling lesson can help you with this – read it.

We draw the details of the head. Eyes! Large, round, they bulge and stick straight out of the head. The same type of eyes in crocodiles and hippos are periscopes to hide under water to have an overview.

The frog’s mouth is perhaps wide, but as long as it keeps it closed, it is not particularly appreciated. The nose is blunt-wedge-shaped. Nostrils on top.

And we’ll color it. By the way, they are not all that green. The frogs are mostly the color of mud – marsh coloring with brown spots.

This frog was drawn in detail. Now a few more answers to the question “how to draw a frog?” already only in pictures, without explanation, it seems like everything has already been said.


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