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10 Beautiful 4K ultra HD Flamingo Wallpaper Backgrounds from Kristina Makeeva

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Thousands of pink birds, flamingos, gathered in Lake Bogoria from Kenya. So, this is a huge opportunity to renew the wallpaper background of your phone. Flamingos are very attractive exotic animals.

In these wallpaper backgrounds, the pattern is pastel pink. The pink color is recognized by designers as one of the most consistent in recent times, but when using it, you still need a sense of proportion and a delicate taste. Graceful birds in nature tend closer to water so that their image for bathrooms does not represent anything unnatural.

Wallpaper showing soft pink birds standing against a uniformly blue background looks almost serene. Not worse, but pastel flamingos surrounded by leaves of exotic trees are more vigorously perceived; they don’t need to be pink, you can find options when the birds are depicted in arbitrary color.

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By varying the color of the base, you can create a mood in the spirit of different seasons. So, in pastel shades, designers hint at spring, and summer plots are filled with concentrated, expressive colors, primarily green and yellow.

White or pink flamingos, as well as swans of the same colors, look right in the most glamorous and sophisticated wallpaper backgrounds for phones. With the help of a monochrome background, you can harmoniously fit this plot into the atmosphere of European minimalism or neoclassical style. Neutral design elements harmoniously follow the general outline and do not depart from the chosen direction.

Selection tips

It is recommended to select wallpaper which makes you feel relax physically and emotionally.

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In all three cases, it is advisable to use a picture where the birds are shown together with flowers. According to designers, for the vintage atmosphere on your phone, you can use wallpapers with more than the usual number of birds. Experts also believe that exotic birds will look best in the new big-screen phones and that the birds themselves should not be too brightly painted or painted very large.

Cute Flamingo Wallpaper Backgrounds

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