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20 Cool and Easy Fish Drawings to Copy in 2023

The first method is fast and more or less accurate. Its essence lies in the fact that you first need to outline the diagonal (slightly rounded) lines around that. We drew these lines very easily with a coronal interval in two different directions.

In the picture, this is shown by green and turquoise arrows. Further, scales are folded into drilled rhombuses.


This method requires precision and care. We draw scales in rows. In the first row (shown in blue) scales are placed at a small distance from one another. Second row (green) one scale of this row is slightly covered by two scales of the previous (blue) row. Repeating the rows of scales, we cover the entire body.

The easiest way and suitable for many species, such as mirror carp. We randomly show only the largest and most expressive scales, they are usually located in the upper part of the body.

When drawing scales, it should be remembered that their size and expressiveness on the tummy and in the tail area are much lower than on the back and ribs.


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