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20 Realistic and Simple Fire Drawings in Pencil 2023

Fire painting is a beautiful, dramatic and warm element to add to a painting or drawing.And although drawing a realistic flame may seem difficult to you, in fact, you will see that it is not, once you understand what fire is and how the flame moves.

This article will show you how to draw fire with both a computer program and pencil/paint on paper.

Understand how the flame moves. Although it may seem difficult at first, you can understand the movement of fire by watching an object move (in this case, fire) and noticing the different shades and shadows it casts as it moves.

Changing the perspective of motion can also give you a better idea of ​​the edges of an object’s motion. Look at the burning fire for some time before you start painting; if you don’t have a fire nearby, watch a video of the fire or just light a match in a safe place.Common shapes in fire include drops and tendrils for flames, and an elliptical shape for fire in general.

Paint the background black or some other dark color. Dark colors will add brightness to the fire and also keep the background simple, which will help you focus on the fire itself. You can make the background more interesting when your fire looks better.

Choose dark orange or red for the flame. If you draw on paper and not on a computer, then you can draw the flame first, and then color it or immediately draw in color – choose what you like best.


Start drawing the shape of the fire. It’s good to start by drawing the shape of the fire, such as an ellipse. Then it will be easier for you to draw flames in any part of your ellipse.

Use “S” shapes to draw each flame. Combine them about a third from the base of the fire, and leave some of the flames alone.

Be sure to vary the height of the flame, the tongues should not all be the same size, otherwise you will not get the effect of movement.

See how to draw a flame step by step to get a clearer idea of ​​it.

Take a darker color than the one you used to draw the base of the fire and draw around the outline. Add shape and smoothness to the fire, and direct the movement of the flame. You can also do this later if you wish.

Choose from yellow or orange. Start painting the base of the fire and follow the movement of the flame. The lighter the color you choose, the more intense (and hot) the fire will look.

Take a thin brush or pencil and light, almost white paint. Again color the fire according to its shape to make it even more intense and realistic.

Change the background or improve the flame. When you learn how to draw fire, try to work on the background in more detail. You can also make the flames more intricate. Try the following ideas:
Draw whimsical flames to make the drawing more abstract and interesting. Add a subject to your drawing.Draw a bigger fire.Add some character to the drawing.Make rainbow fire.

Don’t be discouraged if, at the end of the drawing, the fire doesn’t look the way you wanted it to. Only a few immediately create beautiful drawings. This usually takes practice, and then the drawings will look like works of art.

This is just one way to draw fire. You do not have to use it – the final drawing can be completely individual.


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