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20 Easy Elephant Drawings in Pencil 2023

What you need

  • Paper;
  • simple pencil;
  • black pen or liner;
  • eraser;
  • colour pencils.

How to draw

Mark two ovals and shade, leaving two white spots for highlights in each.

Draw a curved trunk under the details.

Draw the rounded cheeks of the elephant. With an arc, show the crown and part of the head on the left. Add a tuft. It consists of several strokes.

Draw C-shaped ears. Inside each, mark a small horizontal line. Under the trunk, designate a rounded chest.

Draw the front legs. The one closest to you looks like a cylinder, and at the bottom there are arcs that represent claws. The detail behind is identical to the first, only slightly smaller and not fully visible.

Show the elephant’s belly using a convex segment.

Draw the second pair of legs in the same way as the first. Draw a curved line to make the back and back of the torso. The tail of an elephant is a small segment with a few strokes at the end.

Outline the drawing with a black pen or liner. Erase the auxiliary sketch with an eraser.

Fill in the elephant’s ears with a pink pencil, leaving some free space in the upper parts.

The full master class with comments in English can be viewed here:


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